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In addition to Alzheimer's, my mother has congestive heart failure (CHF). Because of CHF she must be weighed daily. I have been unable to to do so her recent inability to stand. Besides buying a $2,000 medical scale with arm supports, does anyone have any other ideas on how I can weigh her at home?


How about putting the scale on the floor when she is on the toilet, help her up and steady her, then have her sit down again while you read then move the scale? Does that sound complicated? Sorry. I just think the toilet comes in handy, because they ALWAYS have to go! Maybe it will work! Good Luck, and HUGS!
Thanks. Tried that this morning. I can't get her to stand free hand long enough to get a reading. Anyone have any other ideas?
The nurses who come in from VNA measure my Mom's upper arm weekly to see if there are any changes, instead of using a scale.
(as long as they don't measure my upper arms it's OK)
Great thanks for the suggestion. Anyone else have any ideas?

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