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My mother is exhausted caring for my father who has adv. PD. He now seems to require a catheter for inability to empty his bladder. He currently is hospitalized for the bladder issue, and my mother feels strongly that he needs nursing home care. I am scared about him living perm. at a nursing facility and worry if it will worsen his symtps. Anyone else need to use nursing home care perman? What were your outcomes?


My mom is in a nursing home now, as she has parkinson disease and has had many falls. She has been very reluctant to be there and I thought I found a good one, but now I am second guessing. I would make sure you really look into everything about the nursing home, ask lots of questions , visit when you can. ITs hard to put them there but also harder to take care of them on your own.
Support your mother's decision, get him to a nursing home or she will die before he does.

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