Today we begin the final journey.

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Mom is coming home today on Hospice, please pray for my family as we move forward.


You and your family are in my prayers tonight.

Prayers for you Smeltzer!
Hope you have had a decent day.I continue to pray for you.Take care....Lu
Prayers and ((((((hugs))))) let us know how you all are doing.
Smeltzer, sending calming and loving vibes your way. ((((Smeltzer and family)))) I hope the angels keep you tucked under their wings.
Smeltzer, thinking of all of you.
Thanks everyone, Mom is still with us. Seems to be much more alert and active all of a sudden. Not sure what that is all about, Hospice nurse comes later today I hope she can help.
I''m So glad to hear that your Mother is doing better and is more alert.My Mother was on Hospice 3 years and 6 months straight.The doctor thought she would pass within 6 months with all her problems with her heart or pneumonia but she was a fighter and God has his own "perfect timing" and perhaps there were more lessons for the rest of the family to learn but it is His plan.I also think she lived longer because she was at home,the home she loved so much and she did receive very good care 24-7.
I hope you are continuing to have a good period of time with her.Take care...Lu

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