Sundowners or TIA/mini stroke?

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One day last week my dad got up very early and was sitting in the livingroom when I woke up, said he didn't know where he was. As the day went on I thought that had passed, but he was actually faking like he knew things (like where his room was and that he lived with me.) His doctor came this week (yes he does house calls) and I told him about it and he said it sounded like a mini stroke/TIA. My dad has had two TIA's and usually his speech goes with it? I kind of thought it was more like an all day sundowners. Anyway, has anyone else experienced this type of behavior?? My dad has dementia we believe caused from head injures.


With dementia, it can be difficult to know what is going on. There may have been a small stroke or a part of the brain that was functioning well before may have accumulated enough damage to cause such a change. Or it may be a UTI. One morning my mother woke up and couldn't remember her name. Mentally she was lost. We discovered she had a slight bladder infection. I don't know what it might be with your father. Did the episode clear on its own? If it didn't clear, I would check for UTI -- simple test and treatment. If the urine test comes back negative, you'll know it is something else.
By the next morning he was back to "his normal" He lived for a year with my sister and she said he had 3 episodes like this in the past year.
My mom been doing the same thing totally confused after a good night sleep she's ok again
I had been thinking that my mom was just depressed because the only time she gets confused is if she has a UTI, too high/low potassium or is dehydrated. This week, she was really confused for two days and then tonight she told me that she felt really weak like she could hardly walk on those days. Now I am leaning to it being a TIA, because now she is better Her doctor tried to tell me once that he thought she had a TIA BUT we found out the next day she had a severe UTI, so I really didn't know it she had or if it had been the UTI. We see the doctor Monday and hope to get some answers.
I thank you all for your comments. The whole day was really strange and his temperment was very mild and calm. His short term memory is pretty much gone, but somethings he remembers. And of course when people come over he usually doesn't remember meeting them and he repeats all of his favorit stories over again. He drinks two cups of coffee a day and the rest of the time he drinks water. one other time he was in his recliner we were talking things were normal (our normal) I went to the basement to do laundry and he said he was waiting for someone to take him home. I told him he was home and that if he wanted to lay down and watch tv in his room he could. He didn't know where his room was. That all happened with in 10 minutes after we were just sitting there talking. I wrote that off as sundowners. thanks again and blessings to all

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