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I don't like cleaning my mother's bathroom. I don't really like doing housework to start with, but I know it is a necessary evil. My mother's bathroom is absolutely the worst. First, there is a big walk in shower that gets red and black mildew that has to be tackled. Then there's the shower chair that grows mildew on all the joint. By the time I clean the shower, I am worn out. But it is time to move on to the toilet.

The toilet has a safety frame with feet touching the floor and an elevated vinyl seat. Many times she doesn't quite make it to the toilet, so pees all over it. To clean the toilet, I have to take off the safety frame (peeeuuuu) and squirt the cleaner into the bowl. I let it set while I clean the sink -- no problem usually. Then I have to clean the toilet and clean all the yuck off the safety frame seat and bucket. Yuck yuck yuck.

Now it that isn't enough, there is the garbage can that she puts used potty tissue in. That can gag me, but it has to be done. Finally, there is the mopping of the floor with vinegar water. All done... Then I hear her moving down the hall to the bathroom and want to cry. Elders' bathrooms are just too hard to keep clean.


Dear JessieBelle,

I'm sorry, I know this isn't the most pleasant task on top of caring for your mom daily. I know it takes a toll.

Are you able to hiring a cleaning service? Or is there another family member or friend that could help you?

Oh, I wish! Really, I don't really have a lot to do. It's just that I really dislike cleaning her bathroom. Getting someone in to clean the house wouldn't be worth the arguments about not needing anyone. I talked to her about housecleaning service one time and she said that "we" could do it. She still cleans her safety frame funnel when it gets soiled, but the weekly cleaning is up to me.

Something that would make it easier is if they designed shower chairs and safety frames so they were easy to clean.
Put the frame in the shower, along with the shower chair, and spray them both down with whatever you spray the shower with. Let them all set a bit. Then scrub them both down and rinse in the shower. THen tackle the shower walls. This may save you some time and effort. Let them dry and then replace them. And don't forget to open the window!!
ACK!!! That's even worse than I did. :-D

I think another thing is that I'm 65 now and just don't have the energy and drive I once did. It would be easier to just crawl under the bed and hide.
Good heavens, I have seen cleaner gas station bathrooms than how my sig other leaves his bathroom, and here he is a healthy man with no memory issues. He's from a family where his Mom did everything for her son, so he never learned to do it himself.

Now that I am in my 70's, it's everyone's bathroom for themselves. It's been a couple of years since I cleaned that bathroom, but now that the plumber is coming over I had to clean as I didn't want the plumber is say "I'm not going in there".

Oh I wish there were things to make that cleaning job more pleasant, as I dislike housework with a passion. One time when I didn't have much energy I just took a whole container of Lysol Wipes to clean the bathroom :P

Where's the Tidy Bowl Man when you need him ???
ROFL. I would have had SO wait for the plumber and have HIM take him/her in there. Bathrooms are so disgusting.

My mother's bathroom is little. That makes it sound easier, but it just makes it hard to get to things. Maybe one day they'll make one with a self-clean button. Wouldn't it be cool to just lock it shut, push a button, and it heats up to burn off all the yuck -- like a self-cleaning oven?

Maybe I should design elder bathroom furniture. I don't think the designers of those frames and chairs ever cleaned a bathroom.
JB, I won't use the bathroom at FIL/MIL's house any more. FIL is the only one physically able to clean and even the guest bathroom makes a college dorm look spotless. Last time hubs and I visited I didn't want to sit - I hovered. And then hubs mentioned the bad shape the house was in and maybe "we" should "do something about it". I suggested that he and the mouse in his pocket (the only WE I could see) should get crackin'. Never did happen...
Do you live in a really humid area? What cleaner do you use. I use Comet Bathroom Cleaner, love it. Do u use bleach at all? I guess Moms bath is too small for a commode over the toilet? commode has a backbar that can be removed. Take off the toilet seat because the commode has a seat and lid. Where the commode has a bucket you put a splashguard that goes where the bucket is down into the toilet. Mom has arms to help her up and the legs can be adjusted to a height good for her. The splash guard helps keep the toilet clean. Just have to wipe down the seat and splashguard which comes out and can be replaced. Maybe wiping down with bleach and water would help with the mold. Maybe removing the trashcan will help. My Mom started this but I was close by and kept telling her to drop it in the toilet. I used to use X14, I Think it was called, for mildew. Its better than Lysol. Maybe spraying with that would help with mold forming. I hate bathrooms too.
(hiding under bed)

This was an awful day. We had a doctor appointment. My mother has been confused and needy all day. Words are not registering with her, so I'm exhausted. My mother's doctor wanted to start her on a new thing that would require taking sugar readings 4 times a day. I told her that we couldn't do it like that because it would be like putting me in prison all day. She understood. I don't think doctors stop to think about the impact their ideas would have on a caregiver for someone with dementia.
I went through a phase of using pedestal mats (or wee rugs, as I privately called them) until I decided that having to boil-wash the wretched things wasn't much less miserable than just getting down there and scrubbing the floor.

If it's any consolation (those less fortunate than ourselves?) my SIL's MIL had a colostomy she wasn't very reliable about dealing with. I was very glad I wasn't there the weekend it went nuclear in my SIL's bathroom, but I think everyone else in the family got roped in to, er, swab the decks.

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