Shared living arrangements for seniors

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As a 50 yr old with no kids, and having cared for both my parents, I often wonder how I'll get along in my later years. I'm sure you are wondering the same. Europeans are great social innovators, and the Germans are putting some real solutions into place. We should follow their lead and implement shared living arrangements among seniors with a live-in nurse, shared expenses and much less expensive than assisted living/ nursing home and much better quality. See this article about how they've done this with the govt's financial support. Google cnn world europe german senior citizens.

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I am searching for a home share living arrangement in he northwest Houston,
Spring, Texas, The Woodlands, Texas, Tomball, Texas, Magnolia, Texas, Pinehearst, Texas ..etc.... preferably those general areas if at all possible. Houston is my "home town" where I grew up and raised my children and grandchildren. I am completely and totally independent and currently retired. Privacy, respect, dignity, and independence are very important to me. When I think of a home share living arrangement, my thoughts range anywhere from two people sharing and apartment to several people sharing a home like in the sit-com "Golden Girls" with flexibility when needed as well as warm regards, respect for privacy, and compassionate friendship development. I am empathetic and very understanding having spent many years in the medical field and caring for children and seniors.

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