Dumbest Reasons your relatives can't provide respite care...

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I just got this email response from my brother today. You would think he PLAYED football but nope, just a spectator...

"Due to the start of football season, we are unable to cover Sat./ Sun. 9-11or 9-12 or Sat/Sun 9-l8 or 9-l9"

I use the couple of hours off to go buy groceries! I had to laugh or I would be crying. What stupid excuses have you gotten?


Tell your brother that mom will buy the pizza, so he can come over and watch football with her.
The only answer I ever got from my sister was "I don't want to". Dumb or sad or whatever, that was her answer. She didn't want to and she didn't . . . period!
Hey Always, at least your sister said no, mine wont even retun the calls regarding OUR mother!! This is so sad, Im 55 and right now Im trying to come up with a plan for myself so I wont be treated like my sisters are treating my mother or others are treating the elderly.
I had to practically extract that answer. My sister never does anything she doesn't want to do or thinks is unpleasant. She is very selfish. There are times I wonder how we can be related. But then I remember she and mom are like two peas in a pod. Mom is selfish and mean about it, sis is selfish but very quiet about it. They make me sick.
I'm sorry your sisters are ignoring the fact that you are caring for their mom. I wish I had an answer or solution for you but I don't. It's a real mystery to me how one sibling always gets the shaft.
Are your kids going to step up when it's your turn to require care?
Julie, I'm stunned at your brother's email. Talk about insensitive and selfish. Sure hope your mom doesn't get real sick during football season. He'll have a tough decision to make!
Those excuses from the real family really hurt! I have never been paid for eldercare. Although I do have a degree in Health Science. I have assisted a lonely elderly neighbor or in-law, and noticed the heirs not responding to any of their needs. I will help to the legal extent that I can. Then when they finally pass on, I do not even get invited to the funeral.
Just like you guys, my mom's 6 sisters and 1 brother have all sorts of dumb reasons... they in fact pointed to my cousins, nieces and nephews to do the sitting on their behalf. Why on earth you pass on to my younger nieces, nephews and cousins the occasional burden of caregiving for their own eldest sister? They think these younger group of relatives have beside blood ties to my mom, are mentally and physically sufficient to understand my mom who is 78 years old, while my younger cousins nieces nephews are only in their mid 20s or younger and are also going to school.
the fingerpointing never ends, and i remember my grandmother they tossed her around among her 7 children like pingpong balls. In fact, during her last few months on earth, about 4 maggots were found on her bedsore because she's not regularly cleaned and moved on her bed from left to right... I can tell personally it's easier to care for real babies, than parents who've become "babies" again
Someone told me this today...
"One mother can take care of ten children but ten children can't take care of one mother."

God thought so much of our parents that He actually made it one of His commandments to take care of them. I can see St. Peter shaking his head at my brother once he arrives at the Pearly Gates...
"Hmmmm....Seems you chose watching football over taking care of your elderly mother...Sorry...Woosh! NEXT!"
NO ...!!!
What an insult!
I know what y'all mean about wondering if we are related.
It is up to the youngest daughter to provide everything!
What is with family? I am so disappointed with mine but mine have "busy Lives".
So do I ... caring for our father & all it entails.
A football game?

Glad you're here ... at least you might find some sanity!
My brother says, " I can't come over there, I'm to busy". He collects unemployment and has no kids to take his time.

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