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I am finally ready to put myself in gear and take charge of caring for my 88yr old mpom and her sister 89yr. I am out of state from them and feel so frustrated being so far away. It is not easy to see them both failing health and mentally wise. I need to know who to contact for help. I may be able to bring my aunt to Az to live with me. I have been a caregiver off and on for others and see how much it can help. I am worried about the financial aspect also. I know there is a place here that will help pay for me to take care of her at home and I am willing to do that if I can get my bills paid without having to work outside the home also. It takes so much time and energy to research I am overwhelmed on where to start. Any input would be helpful.


Check out this article on Long-Distance Caregiving. It might help...
Believe it or not, the local Chamber of Commerce is a great place to get started. You can contact them and find out what kind of program is located in that area for the elderly. You can find out what programs are available in their area and also in yours. There is quite a lot of assistance out there if you get to talk to the right people.
Thanks for the info. I will call them and I also have a lady here who I have been helping that has access to an agency here I will contact. Thanks for the support.
Most cities have senior services that you can also try, I called them when we took my mother in law in with us and they helped me to set it up so I was able to leave my job and get paid by the state to stay home with her full time..It's cheaper for the state to keep her out of a nursing home and it's better for her well being to be with family....Good Luck

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