Protecting my Mother & two adult special needs sisters

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My Mom had total knee replacement surgery in feb 2012, my sister talked Mom into putting her on Mom's bank account with ATM card while she recovered so she could pay the bills well she did a lot more than that. My brother who had cerebral palsy was on hospice at the time and two younger sister also special needs live in Mom's home so do I. I was very busy taking care of all of them but was noticing that my sister had plenty of money to spend, her not having a job I looked into it come to find out she had been doing online transfers of my brother & sisters social security money into Mom's account and using her ATM card to withdraw it my Mom is payee not my sister . As my brother got sicker I stayed by his side 24/7, 4 months later he passed away. Last month Mom had my sister taken off bank account after finding out what she had been doing , now my sister keeps calling Adult Protective Services making false reports on me to get me out of the way, then she plans on having Mom claimed incompetent and be her payee & my 2 sisters. My Mom and I haven't even had a chance to deal with my little brothers death and now this. HELP!


OMG???? I'm trying to figure this out!
Well good! APS will investigate and soon learn what is what and your devious sister will be out of luck.
There is a paper trail... hospital bills, withdrawals, etc. Apparently your Mom is not incompetent at this point and should be able to give correct info to APS when they investigate. APS may recommend filing a police report if the sum of money is large enough. I don't think you have anything to worry about except your evil sister. What a crying shame!

Probably wouldn't hurt to contact a lawyer experienced in elder care, so you can further protect your family from the sister. A good talk with someone at the bank would be in order as well. You just have to cover all your basis. A good paper trail and let as many people as necessary know what has happened.

Good luck and God bless!
I don't know what state you live in but here in California we have to go to court to prove a person is a danger to themselves for a judge to rule incompetency. Plus we need dr.'s statements saying that in their medical opinion this person is legally incompetent. A person can be eccentric and a little nutty but not incompetent. I suggest you seek the advice of an elder law attorney having your mother make a DPOA for you and to secure all her assets. I rather doubt anything will come of this, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.
I've never seen my Mother depressed before, because of all the stress my sister is putting on her I can't even get her to eat. I don't know what to do.
I've never seen my Mother depressed before, because of all the stress my sister is putting on her I can't even get her to eat. I don't know what to do.
Now the story takes an unexpected turn, like I said ever since my sisters husband passed away 7 years ago my Mother has been paying every bill and pays for EVERY expense my sister has or wants. Well about 1 week ago after the aps worker made her 3rd visit in less than two weeks I had had enough, it changed from just me being falsely accused of mentally abusing my Mother ( by my sister & several others she had call including a married sheriff she's having an affair with , his wife also a sheriff in same county) now attacking my Mom like she's incompetent which she's not. So again the maps worker shows up and tells my Mom she has to go to the office with her to talk privately, my Mother didn't want to go with her we offered to go outside so she could talk to her but she insisted and my Mom kept saying "No I want to stay here this is to stressful etc" then maps worker says OK let's just sit in my car & talk we won't leave the driveway. My Mom says OK to that & as soon as she gets my Mom in the car shegets in & drives off with her against her will ( keeping in mind I hit record on my computer when I first saw the aps worker pull into driveway, I have all this recorded) Almost 6 hours later worried about my Mom I am outside smoking a cigarette a car comes driving down from road by our house its lights shine on our mailbox area & I see a man, shaved head, light colored shorts & a dark shirt & something shinny in his hand he sees that I am looking right at him , he starts coming after me I start running to my house, I fall hurting my leg & hip but I get inside & call 911 crying & describe him then I tell my husband " If I didn't know better I'd think that was my older brother" about 10 mins the sheriff's get there & hand my husband & I temp EPO order for my Mom & sisters who I'd been caring for like I always do, they give us 5 mins to get our things and leave, (keep in mind my house is next door but I had been living in my Moms home about 1 1/2 years while taking care of my little brother 24/7 until he passed away July 25th at 1:30pm I lost my best friend in the world) then keep taking care of my Mom & 2 handicap sisters until a few days ago when all this happened. The cops didn't want to hear what just happened to me so crying in disbelief gathering what I could in 5 mins I go out the door & there's my brother & guess what he's wearing ? The exact same things I described & come to find out the maps worker didn't take my Mom to her office, she took her to a hotel in town to be with my older brother, sister & sisterinlaw. They got my Mom to lie saying me not my sister has been mentally abusing her & my sisters, no one ever talked to my sisters I asked aps several times & they refused, I also have audio recordings of my sister being very verbally abusive about 5 hours with in 2 days at my Moms. My Mom asked me not to get my sister in trouble for taking SS money from my sisters & her and I am guessing after much persuasion from sister & brother she lied for her & accused me. I am in total shock I didn't think Mom would go that far to protect her from stealing from & abuse of her & my 2 sisters. Now I am homeless, sleeping in my car, I don't see the point in anything anymore,my little brother my Best Friend is gone & now this, Ihad a purpose before always enjoyed taking care of them, but now why even be here I see no reason. Who could blame me for feeling this way. Sorry it was so long but I wanted to get the facts in. Thank you

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