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Did anyone read the article on Yahoo News? It is entitled: Obama announces initiatives for middle class.

Here is an excerpt:

"...The White House says the new proposals are aimed at just that — the "sandwich generation" that is now struggling to care for both children and parents. The theme fits into the planned economic message of Obama's prime-time address to the nation on Wednesday, which promises to provide a sharper focus on jobs and is likely to cover financial regulations, energy, education, immigration and a push to change the political tone in Washington.

Under the president's proposals, families making under $85,000 a year would see their child care tax credit nearly doubled. Families making under $115,000 would also see at least some increase in their tax credit as well. Obama will also call for the allocation of $100 million to assist families caring for aging relatives by providing help with transportation, adult day care and in-home aids."

Let's all hope these changes come sooner than later.




Thanks for sharing this!

Thanks for the info. would be really nice if it actually happened.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Tnx. Lilly!!
Have you ever wondered this: where do you think the money will be allocated from?
Secret Sis: me thinks that ending our involvement in other countries and taking care of business at home may be a good start....

...any positive change is a good change...I pray that he follows through on his promises because, let's face it, we are an aging population.
Yep but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed :)
I found this article on Volunteers of America:

Where will the money come to fix this broken system?

If you can manage someone's chronic conditions earlier, you can reduce their health care expenses later on. Today, 11 percent of health care dollars go to long-term care. The more money we spend up front on things like preventive care, the more we will save in the future on chronic long-term care.

This is where I believe home-care or programs like PACE – Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly – are more cost efficient. We can take acute-care money, move it into preventative care and save money while also allowing people to stay at home longer. The PACE programs are a great alternative to the premature institutionalization of people. They provide a support system for not only the one being cared for, but for the caregiver as well.

One possible solution comes in the form of the CLASS Act proposed by Sen. Edward Kennedy, which would provide some of the funds we need to reshape our current health care system. It is a modest investment over time, but we must plan and put money aside now. We are never going to be able to fund long-term care if we wait until we need it.

I believe the CLASS Act is one solution that shows promise in fixing the current long-term care system. Participants would have the option to pay $65 per month collected from pay roll deduction. The program would then pay out $50 a day if you develop two or more disabilities and require long-term care. No one would be excluded from participating. If passed by Congress, this voluntary program would pay for 50 percent of the cost of long-term care in the future.
Something to consider...
We are trying to pass a health-care plan written by a committee whose chairman says he does not understand it; passed by a Congress that hasn't read it; to be signed by a President who also has not read it, with funding administered by a Treasury chief who forgot to pay his taxes and is hoping the nation can pay for the plan with money borrowed mainly from the Chinese who cannot afford to put their life savings at risk anymore than we can!?

Sounds exactly like the "unique American solution" that President Obama proposed originally :-((
I vote we abandon the health care Barackracy.
How many other Barrack 'promises' have come true?! We need to get back to the basics & it certainly is not looking like it will be while Mr. O is in office!

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