Possibly homeless when mom goes in NH

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My mother has dementia and I live and care for her with my husband and college age daughter. She may need to go to the nursing home. What will happen to the house? Will I be homeless?


hdjones. I'm so sorry to hear about your situation.

Try reading this article - it may help:

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You should see an attorney about the state laws. They are not all the same. If a person goes on Medicaid, the spouse can keep the house (generally speaking) and a lean is placed against it for when it is sold (assuming the person in the nursing home is on Medicaid).

It can be different for other family members, but if you've been caring for her for a significant period of time, you may be allowed to stay and make the payments. Again, you will, if she is on Medicaid, need to go by their rules, so an attorney is advisable. Good luck. The rules don't always make sense and it can be heartbreaking. Please get legal help to get you through this. You can check with your State Bar Association to see if there is a qualified attorney who can help you with this for a reduced fee.


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