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How do I get money to help me pay for services for my mother who is 81, who can no longer drive, lives at home and needs to get to her cardiac rehab class and Dr. appts


Im not sure if you're looking for transportation or money for transportation, but check with your local dept of transportation. In some places, they have programs that offer transpo for the elderly and disabled for a fixed fee.
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There may be all sorts of possibilities. This first place to start is your local Area Agency on Aging (sometimes now called Aging and Disability Resource Centers). These are state/federal funded agencies in every county. They will be able to advise of the many community services such as transportation, meals on wheels, companion or respite services that may be available at little or no cost. They will also be able to suggest benefit programs such as those available from Medicaid or the VA that may help financially. In some communities there is also a help line - 211 - sort of like a 911 for senior services.

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