Paying for memory care in an assisted living facility


My mother is in an assisted living facility that does not accept Medicaid. Does Medicaid offer financial assistance in the State of Texas to help pay for an assisted living facility? If it does, then what are the requirements and who do I contact?

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Emeritus up here in NY has Assisted Living, Nursing Home and Memory Care as separate units in the complex. Memory care is a secure facility, locked doors and I don't see how an AL could do that. Mom is on private pay in the AL, but if she goes to NH /MC they will convert her to Medicaid status and help with the paperwork.

You need to get your mother on the Star Plus Program - Star Plus Helpline is PH: 1-800-964-2777. The Star Plus Program provides all regular Medicaid health care services and long term services and supports for people who receive supplemental security income (SSI). For people who have Medicare health coverage, Star Plus provides only long term services and supports. I'm not sure where you live in Texas. However, if you live in Houston, then please check out Emeritus on Memorial (West side of Houston). This facility accepts the Star Plus Program. This program is for assisted living NOT memory care. I have visited Emeritus on Memorial and was very impressed with this facility. You need to call immediately and get your mother on the list. It may take 6 months or more before you are contacted.

I am not an expert in this area, but I did a Google search on Texas and medicaid and here is a starting point.

There should be something on that page that can help you out. You can also call the Medicare/Medicaid office for more information.