Paul Ryan and his Mom.


Several weeks ago while Paul Ryan was campaigning, he brought his mother on stage. I was really touched as he extended his arm to her as she came up on the stage. I could see in Ryan's eyes his love for his mother. I was very impressed, as I have seen so many selfish, self-centered adult children of aging parents that do not give a hoot about their aging parents (rarely call or visit them). It says a lot about a person who treats their mom well!

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oh please

Gosh..I don't know where to many things need to be addressed here. I guess we'll all just have to agree to DISagree. I'm not continuing on this thread because I don't like negativity. I DO however feel bad for Whitney. She did nothing wrong and it looks like two of you on here have made her "flee" with your harsh words and negativity. By the way ! is not a's an exclamation point..always has been, always will be. UNsubscribing from this sad, sad thread. Hopefully, if I see you two on another thread, you will be more civil and not run people off. Reactions like yours shock me. I personally feel that one side plays dirtier than the other side as well and twists the truth and facts more. See? We all have opinions. Goodbye.

Amen ladies!!!
I have to thank Romney for his healthcare in Mass. I now have health insurance. I do not have a monthly premium to pay because of my low income. Unfortunately, even though he brags about his "Romney Care" that he passed while governor of Mass., he opposes it for the entire country. His reasons do not make sense to me, but I guess he has to keep himself in favor with the party.
Yes, everyone is required to have health insurance in my state, but many choose to not have insurance and pay the penalty at tax time, because it is much cheaper than paying the monthly premiums. My husband's pay had dropped $170 due to a rise in health insurance premiums in the last 5 years he worked. I don't blame businesses or individuals for opting to pay the penalty rather than the ridiculous premiums.
I have many friends on AC that do not have health insurance because they are full time care givers. I do hope that after this election, they are able to get health insurance through their states as I have because of "Romney Care" in Mass. But alas, it will have to be called "Obama Care" wouldn't it?

I agree wholeheartedly.

and when I used "waste" in the above sentence, I meant their idea of waste. I personally don't think it wasteful for my tax dollars (yes, I am working still and paying high taxes, higher percentage than Romney) to go to meals for the elderly, day care for poor children, birth control so we don't have poor children we have to pay for, the list goes on and on. Not only do these programs help people but they create jobs. That's another thing that annoys me, government does create jobs. In fact Romney admitted it when he said if elected president , he would create jobs. What needs to be done is to look at every agency, program etc and eliminate waste and there is plenty of it in the govt no matter what party is in office.

Bobbie, you make another very important point about politicians working together. Look all all the millions of dollars being spent on negative campaign ads, political action committee that produce poison advertising. I am not a registered republican, yet my mailbox has been inundated EVERY OTHER DAY with two to three glossy mailings telling me how horrible Obama is and inciting fear which I know is not correct. I have not received ONE mailing from Obama, yet a general reminder from a demo PAC to go and vote. My phone and my mother's phone is ringing constantly, once or twice a day with republican messages about how the other side is going to take away medicare. my mother is woken up each time. When I think of this money being wasted it makes me think, these people want to cut waste for programs that help people but they sure know how to thow away money (which is not taxable by the way) to get themselves elected. These kinds of things influence how I'm going to vote.

teachergear: I'm not in your classroom. I'm in a public forum where someone, not me, posted some political bait that needed DISCUSSION. They posted it in a place called DISCUSSION. They did not post it on their WALL, which I would never visit and post anything there. Here is a sample of what the gov of fl does: query this headline. Drug Test for Welfare Recipients Fails to Save Money; Anyone Surprised?

Wasted money trying to trap what they consider "trash people". Meanwhile
elderly people in my state of all political affiliations are dying while on waiting lists for meals. My aide takes care of another an elderly woman who hates Obama, yet I send her meals b/c her children don't. I care about people, not just my mother and I want elected officials to do the same.

Thanks for your comments bobbie. I don't pay attention to the caps or the "teacher" telling me the discussion is over. And I don't care who they vote for. But when the vote is manipulated, whether by trying to enact laws to keep people from voting (anyone interested in this topic should look up what's happening in FL. The Republican lawmakers got a law passed that does all kinds of things to keep likely Dem voters from voting (cutting early voting times, making it harder to register) but guess what happened, the R party hired a firm to register their voters and now they found out they were the ones doing all kinds of illegal things (query this headline: 9 Florida Counties Report Faked Voter Registration Forms From GOP-Backed Firm)
I have friends and family who don't think the way I do. But we have intellilgent discussions on the facts and when it veer off into bs I speak up to them also. The important thing is to get actual unbiased facts out. If you want to vote b/c you think someone has good character b/c of the way you think he treats his mother based on a 1 minute public appearance go ahead. But don't post that bs on a public forum and try to play with other people's minds and not expect to get reactions like yours and mine. I just personally feel that one side plays dirtier than the other side does and twists the truth and facts more.

notice how she's screaming at you with caps and slams? (! is a 'slam')

Teacher, please calm down. I am sorry that you are disappointed in your son and I am sorry that you got bullied. You are not alone and I hope that you can take some kind of comfort in knowing that. Yelling at us isn't going to fix your past.

Yes, we are all caregivers, past or present. That, in and of itself is enough for us to bond together and not succumb to the pressures of politics.

For the record: 2 much, I do appreciate your position on the President and I don't trust or believe anything that comes out of romney's or ryan's mouth without fact checking it.
Same with the President. Sorry but I just don't trust people like I used to. That is why my affiliation is Independent and my position is Centrist. It's very easy to stand on the edges of something and throw rocks but much harder to stand in the middle and try to find the truth. Many times the truth is somewhere in the middle if we can only see it. It's hard because you are dodging rocks....

I'm old enough to remember when a Catholic was elected president and my mom had campaigned hard for Nixon. People said all kinds of nasty stuff about Kennedy after he was in office and my mom, a republican committeewoman, said: He's the President now. Let's get behind him.

Never in the history of our country have we seen the gamesmanship in our government that we have seen with this president. Yet, in spite of it all he continues on with grace, intelligence and a calmness that I respect.
I can't say the same about the opposition.
Wild eyed and screaming; if you can't get the facts straight then get the lies loud.

As far as education about these issues is concerned, one of the tools I recommend is Netflix and their amazing content of documentary film. There's film about both ends of the political spectrum and all that I ask of anyone is to do a fact check on anything that you see or hear.

Check out the Koch Brothers and how they fund right wing 'think tanks' like the Heritage Foundation and use a technique called the 'echo chamber' to drive home falsehoods for people to repeat and eventually digest as truth.
Why? Follow the money.

There's billions of dollars at stake here and if you think that these people carry our best interests you are a child in the woods.

Like ol' Dr Phil says: 'The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.'

Learn what Romney did as governor. I don't need to go into it here, it's all out there if you look in the right place. And make sure you understand who is paying for a documentary or a website and what their benefit is for championing either side.

So, if we bother to fact check ryan and romney and fact check the president we find that ryan and romney are way out in front with those little factoids and accusations that just aren't true. The reality that my education and research has brought me to is that I, as an individual, just can't support R&R and if poked at, will respond with the truth that I, as an individual, see.

R&R will be very bad for this nation and its people. R&R will not deal with our foreign policy in a way that will move this nation forward in a positive manner.
Remember Romney in London? He pissed those people off and they're our friends!

Consider this: Romney is a 'businessman' and War (that Obama is steadily getting us out of) is huge business. Ginormous business. Just look to Cheney and his ilk during the Bush administration's involvement. They blow it up so they can 'rebuild' it.
Big business. R&R scare me to pieces.

BTW, anyone seen Bush lately? Naw, he just beat up the car that is this country, caught it on fire, skidded it into a tree on the White House lawn and tossed Obama the keys.

There's a 'documentary' film (Obama 2016) that's been getting some noise and a friend of mine and I were talking on the phone and she was all excited about it and all I said was who produced it? She didn't know so I looked it up.
Produced by a LDS guy with an extreme right wing 'filmmaker/journalist'. Oh boy so you know that's going to be the truth. Not.
All I asked was for her to look up the facts before she parroted the points in the doc. She got offended and hasn't spoken to me since.

That's why it's so dangerous to get into a political discussion with unarmed people.

This was most certainly a political statement that was made by this thread this morning and 2much and I responded by calling out the bs.
Oh well, sometimes you can get away with it and sometimes you can't.


Are you STILL playing this game of politics???? WOW. OK then... This is from YOUR state, Florida.

In 2012, there will be a landslide for any Republican because of Obama Care and the idea that the Democrats plan to deny healthcare to the elderly. The Democrats plan to strip $500 million out of Medicare to pay for part of Obama Care. Any elderly person living in Florida would have to be crazy to not realize that means they will be denied healthcare but still have to pay for it

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