Paul Ryan and his Mom.

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Several weeks ago while Paul Ryan was campaigning, he brought his mother on stage. I was really touched as he extended his arm to her as she came up on the stage. I could see in Ryan's eyes his love for his mother. I was very impressed, as I have seen so many selfish, self-centered adult children of aging parents that do not give a hoot about their aging parents (rarely call or visit them). It says a lot about a person who treats their mom well!


Oh give me a break.
Sorry but this just hits me all wrong. It's like the statement:
Hitler LOVED dogs. It's says a lot about a person who treats his dog well.

All politics is showbiz kiddo.

Sole caregiver to her mom with Dementia for over five years.
Good morning Bob, She's not talking about politic, you know it! Love your thered.
Bobbie, my exact reaction: Give me a break. What does that person think Ryan is going to do, shove his mom off the stage? She is his pawn, to pander to people like that poster. Meanwhile, people actually struggling with care for our elders are going to be screwed after we are done giving our true all to wiping their behinds, losing our jobs to care for them, losing our health. I can barely summon up enough strength today to go to the Medicare website to shop for the best drug plan for my family member. Now the R party is telling me that when I am 88, like my mother and with no daughter like me (I have no kids) to do it for me. It's very easy to give an arm to help a healthy mother who plays golft, owns two homes and probably asks very little of her son. Here is the real issue: do you want to elect someone who has taken action to help those on the middle and lower rungs of life (due to no fault of own own, contrary to statements made to wealthy donors in priviate) or do you want to wait around for some scraps to trickle down to you after the wealthy keep and get more tax cuts? As someone who has waited around for siblings to trickle down help as they enjoy vacations, life, etc. I think I'll stick with the one who already demonstrated an effort to help my needs and my elderly ones needs directly
Correction, I said Ryan's mother played goft, I was incorrect, it is tennis, a much more athletic game than golf. Anyone on this site playing tennis with their mom or dad this a.m.?

(PHOTOS: Paul Ryan and his mom)

Douglas — who spends her winters in nearby Lauderdale-By-The-Sea — plays tennis and works out every day, Ryan said, and she appeared spry as the two walked hand in hand toward the stage
Go figure! I'm in central Mass. and there is or was a state funded program that paid individuals that are out of work and caring for a family member. I called to apply the first year I was out of work. I was told the waiting list was long, but put my name on it. ^ months later I called to see where I was on the list and was told there was no $$ left and that all of the $$ went to the eastern part of the state where Boston and most of the politicians hang out. Then I was told that all of the $$ went to family members of politicians and the wealthy that had connections.
Let the Republicans back in office and we will disappear into a huge black hole!
Whitney---I'm SO SORRY we have posters such as the insensitive ones above. CAN tell by the look in a son's/daughter's eyes if they actually CARE about their elders. SO MANY don' SON is one. I've never been able to count on him for ANYTHING but grief, hatefullness and DISRESPECT. Some of the above comments are very disrespectful. I apologize for those people. It is bullying behavior. Those who posted should LOOK UP bullying behavior and educate yourselves on it. I am WITH YOU, WHITNEY!!!!! We have God in our hearts and cannot be hateful/rude and insensitive to others.
Besides...there are more appropriate threads for political discussions. If you want to BASH somebody....go there!!
2much2cover---I think everyone should READ the OBAMA care plan to see EXACTLY what will happen to Medicare, our elder parents' care and US. It is available online. You will then see exactly what Obama has in store.
Ryan WAS a primary CAREGIVER to his grandma. He wants to KEEP medicare for our elders-----Quote---The Wisconsin congressman said he saw Medicare’s benefits firsthand as a child when his grandmother, with Alzheimer’s, moved in with his family. “My mom and I were her two primary caregivers,” Ryan said before shifting to his mother and the promise of Medicare for her. We NEED medicare for our elders!! Tell me, which caregivers would OPPOSE this??

Teachergear1: As a resident of Florida, I know what the R plans are for the social services programs. Cut as deep as possaible and make it as hard as possible to obtain benefits. Just like they are trying to make it hard for certain demographics to be able to vote. And women to obtain birth control so they are not children born who suffer from lack of care and neglect. And woman can control their own personal lives. And your comment about bullies. The poster of that topic put that out as a political statement. Otherwise she would have also mentioned how much Obama cared for his mother and grandmother and Biden for his mother. Bullying is taunting people so they either have to fight back or flee and continued to be bullied. Last year Obama lost his grandmother and the following was reported.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama suffered a heavy loss on the eve of the election that he hopes will win him the White House. Madelyn Dunham, the grandmother who helped raise him, died from cancer in Honolulu. She was 86.

"She was one of those quiet heroes we have all across America," Obama said at a rally here, deviating from his stump speech. "I'm not going to talk about it too long because it's hard to talk about

and don't quote me from AMA. Doctors are out to make money. Do they seem to be suffering? I don't see it. and I don't fault them for that. But they made a ton of money off of Medicare and now the insurance companies are making things hard on them and govt has to cut back so they are feeling a dent in their discretional incomes. They are not the town doctors from the past who accepted eggs for payment from the farmers.

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