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I'm new to this forum. I'm trying to learn more about Parkinson's disease in particular. I'm sure many of you have experience caring for a loved one with Parkinson's disease. This website is great- I've had a lot of trouble finding communities specifically focused on caregivers and what they go through.-Ashley


Hello Ashley, My mother has had Parkinson's disease for about five years now. She was in denial about her disease for a couple of years, so I got on, looked up the symptoms, and showed her that she had four out of five of them. She lived by herself and ended up having a stroke and lying in her bathroom floor for 3-4 days (which a friend of hers warned her might happen if she refused to live closer to family). Needless to say, she has been my charge ever since. She is currently in an assisted living facility, wheelchair-bound, and can barely feed herself
Ashley, I've had to resubmit because I guess I ran out of room. My advise to you is to find a good attorney and get Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Surrogate ASAP (while your loved one is still "with it" and can sign those legal documents), also have a "Proxy" POA & Health Care Surrogate, in case something should happen to you. Insist on support from family members. I've been "too nice" and have taken on too much myself (which believe me others are only too happy to let you do). Hospice is a good support. Currently, they are helping me fight for Medicaid, which says my mom has too many assets, although they have yet to specify what they are. Finally, look very carefully into living facilities. They are definitely "not all created equally". Hope this helps...Debbie A.

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