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this morning, have a smoke, telling the cat how much I loved him, how much I appreciated his sweet self, how much I appreciated him being here for me... now this is NOT crazy behavior.........is it?


Are you kidding. No one listens or understands me like my sweet yellow cat. I think it is a sign of high intelligence to talk to your cat or dog. They relieve alot of stress and anger, so carry on!
Thanks Madge, I have an inside cat that is such a snob, she LETS me live in the same house. The outside cats are the little lovers. One I call Dufus, the orange cat and Mister is black and white. I would loose my mind if I did not have those soft purring furballs to love on. Even the snobby one gives me something to laugh at besides myself...Give your cat a hug and kisses for me.
If it is then im loosing it too. I wouldn't worry unless the cat started talking back lol. And I don't mean purring back.
Ha--NO! my Cat is the only normal being in my house when husband is not home. Cat stands for independence, aloofness--which one cannot be when a caregiver. You have to be in there with both feet, both hands, eyes and ears. Cats relax, they eat sleep and explore whenever they feel like it.
They sense us, they care about us, they communicate their feelings to us, which is something we usually don't experience with the one we take care of, right?
I think YOU would like to be a CAT--I would:)))
Hugs, Christina
My cat talks.......yours doesn't?? Hmmmm.
Or am I just starved for a freindly voice that I imagine she is talking!! Yes, I would love to be a cat. Because mine hauls butt when Ruth gets ugly and loud. I am surprised she has not tried to "cover her up" when she is stinky...;)
I love cats. Imagine being able to sit and listen to someone drone on and on, then be able to get up and walk away cause you're bored? Be able to scratch any place on your body without help? Come and go when you please. No one tells you what to do. They can 'suggest' what they'd like you to do, but if you don't feel like it, it's goodbye see ya later. Sleep all day, run around all night and know when you get home your human is gonna love ya in spite? No worries, no cares, and always have your handiwipe tongue on you in case of an emergency. Ahhhhhh
LaDee--of course my cat talks to me! Do you see her here in the photo, my avatar? She comes downstairs to sleep on the back of sofa all night, and alerts me--along with the effective baby monitor--that Mother is in need of something, yet again. She did not start sleeping in the leather chair until I put the Laurel Birch pillow in it!
She is a NanaCat. She comes into the bathroom, ERower, Erower, meh, meh, and assists with things. She relaxes my Mother so she can go--which is a frickin miracle in itself; my Mother has not been relaxed or free from worry since the day before she was born. We should all be so lucky to cry, worry, be nervous, and still look good at 93. Crapola. Yes, give me my beautiful Cat, any day. OOh yea--a giant litter box for things we don't want to see. Good idea, Ladeeda! Hugs, christina
Your girl is a beauty. She looks protective. My cat's ear flatten on her head when Ruth is on a rant. She will go hide under the bed, just where I want to be also.There are times Ruth will"here kitty kitty" which my cat will not go 100 feet close to hr, or "get that damned cat outa here". I've had my girl for 14 years. If the cat goes, so do I. Like you, I love cats, all kinds, all sizes, all breeds. People, well sometimes not so much. My sign is Leo, so it all comes natural. There are many times MY ears flatten on my head and I feel a major HISSSSS comin on. That is when it is smoke time with the outside cats.and settle down until the next drama. Hugs back atcha...
I talk to my cat and poodle all the time - only a problem if they start answering back in the same language you are speaking!
I talk to my cats all the time! Bear is only vocal when he needs me but Archie talks to his toys and calls for Bear when he is hiding from him, I don't blame him he's a pest to Bear sometimes. All this cat talk brought back good memories of my Mom. When my BF and I first took Mom into our home we only had Bear (he's a beautiful black cat). We found him alone in the front of our house alone crying, only weeks old, but couldn't catch him. We managed to trap him in a have a heart. At that time I was quite board (prior to Mom) I taught him to fetch, the plastic tabs that you remove from Gallons of water or milk. So when Mom came, first of all he would not come out of hiding for any guests but her, I showed her his trick so she would play fetch with him and laugh joyfully each time he brought it back. Even more amazing was if you asked her what she ate or did the day before absolutely no recollection but she would tell you in detail how the cat played and his color and his name. Then we got Archie as a kitten, the idea was to keep her happy and Bear company. I asked her before I brought him home, she said no way I don't want a kitten. So I told her I found him and she felt sorry for him and was glad. Well guess who became her best friend. He slept with her and she would talk about that too. This came in handy too due to her wanting to go for walks alone, I told her not to open doors so they wouldn't get out, well it did work for a while. I also just remembered that Bear would come to tell me when she did get out, I knew something was up since he really didn't meow much.
I think animals are more than anyone gives them credit for.

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