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Was late getting to shovel my car out after an arugement with my mother about while my daughters 18 and 20 couldn't do it. One has CP and serious balance issues, plus a leg that has been put back together by surgery twice. The other has arthritis and when it flairs, it is very important that she does not put strain on her joints. When I finally get out there, she puts a rain coat over her bathrobe and comes out to "help."


Perhaps she thought that they would be better suited to do it than you. Do you have any ailments or disabilities? Or, maybe, she forgot about their health issues.
Only being 57...
In theory, yes, girls that age should be shoveling. It's more rant on her part that it isn't fair that I have to when they "ought" in a perfect world to be able to do it.
Oh, I see. I get frustrated too with my parents at times. My dad thinks that he can run outside and do things like he did years ago and wasn't 80.  I can't imagine my mom going out to shovel snow in her bath robe though.  lol 
I understand that my mother can't do what she used to do, and she finds this very frustrating. WHat I can't deal with is her anger at me when I tell her, you can't do this. You'll get hurt--and I can't say and then my life will be harder because she doesn't want to believe she is any trouble to me. My brother says let her make her choices, and if she falls on the ice after you said not to come out, just let her lie there.
Well, is she cognitively sound or does she have impairment? I recall when my cousin first started with cognitive decline and we didn't know why. It was rather bizarre and frustrating. Later, we saw that her poor judgment and stubbornness were due to her mental condition. She really didn't see why she shouldn't walk across hilly ground, with lots of holes in it, without her care, alone. (Falls didn't stop her either.)
On second thought i will leave this one alone. i often do things I should not and frequently end up getting hurt. I don't have dementia and do know better but........................
My MIL used to do something like this. My daughter has irritable bowel syndrom. She learned at an early age what foods she could and couldn't eat. MIL was very aware of this but would get bent out of shape when told DD couldn't eat what she served. When we were driving MIL to sons home she told my SIL that spighetti would be OK for dinner. DD can't eat sauce. MIL never excepted peoples physical problems even her sons deafness.

Next time, hand her the shovel.

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