Nicotine is NOT a sin! Neither is alcohol!

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I quit smoking years ago, and I now hate the smell, and encourage people to stop smoking. Tobacco is very very bad for you. It can destroy your lungs, your heart, cause cancer and lost teeth.

Nicotine is NOT a sin. It may be a sin to mistreat your body with addictive substances, to ruin the magnificent creation that is our body. But nicotine is not a sin. Being mean to people is a sin.


Hey Jinx I was outside having a butt, what's this all about! Lol
Aanda, sshh!!! You do know the smoking police have absolutely no sense of humour don't you? [cue: many pious remarks about there being nothing funny about death disease and destruction etc etc etc]
Well I was outside smoking because that's where the BEER fridge is.. Lol..
I had a post on another subject and panhandlers came up. There was discussion about the pros and cons of giving, leading to a statement that you shouldn't give because nicotine is a sin. I decided to start a discussion about sin.
Shoot! I'll make a reply after I finish a smoke.
Did you know that the true definition of sin is "error"? Kind of takes the bite out of it. I don't remember any mention of nicotine in the Bible, but as a God-fearing, Bible-loving Christian I do know that myself and everyone I've ever met sin on a daily basis. That's why Jesus came. I stay away from the zealous types, they're usually hiding something.

In separate news, congratulations on quitting smoking. Your lungs thank you every day.

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