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Hello Everyone,

This is Rimme Wiker, a very new guy introducing here. I am very happy to join this forum. I found this forum very informative and interesting. Hope all members will cooperation with me.

Thanks and Regards
Rimme Wiker


Welcome to our world Rimme,You will find that there is a lot of support in this site.
Welcome, I am new here also. Hope you find the information that you are looking for.
Welcome Rimme , Johnny is right, you will get support. Tell us more about yourself and your situation when you feel like it... hope you find answers to your questions or if you need to vent, start a thread about what is bothering you. We'll be here for you.
Kathy, welcome also, hope to get to know everyone.
Johnny, how is your wife? Any changes? Sorry I have not been around, but will try to check on you more in the future... hugs to everyone.
Ladeeda,Thank you,I seem to keep her BG down thanks to her diabetic clinic and ,I am learning how to deal with her problems and mine at the same time.
You are doing a very difficult job, but what comes thru loud and clear is your love for her. I am so sorry this is happening to both of you. But am happy to hear you are learning to deal with things and hopefully taking care of yourself. You are a very loving husband and I appreciate what you are doing for your wife... hugs to you both...
Rimme and Kathy: welcome. You will get all kinds of advice, support, and information here. I couldn't survive without the nice folks in the forum. Caregiving is a journey and the biggest challenge is to pace yourself.
Happy that you are both here.
Hi my name is Gabriele and I am new to this side.

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