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Hello, I am 23 and trying to help my grandparents as much as I can. My mother and father are not in the picture, so it is just me. My grandparents raised me and over time, the roles have reversed.
My grandma has had a stroke, so she is paralyzed on one side. My grandpa has had so many things happen to him, the most recent being he got into a bad vehicle accident, resulting in broken bones and some bones being lost all together, had to be replaced with metal.
Because I am with them all of the time to help them, I have been unable to look for a job at all, so have no form of income. My grandparents do have some social security, but in order to start seeking help, I need to at least have a basic idea of what my options are.

I would like to may be go back to college one day to continue an education, or even have the time to get a part-time job. Any help would be good.


Have you tried contacting your County Commission on Aging? They can offer you direction and resources. They have free services available to help the elderly, such as respite, meals, etc. Was your grandfather a Veteran? Sometimes you can get extra help there. Bless your heart for caring for your grandparents! You are brave and valient to take on so much responsibility at your tender age! I applaud you. Best wishes.
Sometimes local churches have members who would enjoy helping out in this situation. It is worth a call. As caregiver for my husband, who has had numerous strokes, paralized on one side, beginning dementia, etc., my heart goes out to you. It is so very hard to be in your situation. Try to take care of yourself thru it all, knowing that the kindness you are sowing, will come back to you, pressed down and running over. Bless you.
Don't try to do this alone. Like SecretSister said check with your local county. It is usually called something like Area Agency on Aging. Also apply for medicaid. You should be able to get a home health-aid to come out and help with bathing, cooking and some light housekeeping. In some states(depending on budget) you can get paid for the care you provide. Remember to take time for yourself. If continuing your education is important to you (it should be) then you have to make that happen. You are not alone come here often for support and suggestions.
wow I'm sorry you are facing this so young. I thought I was young. Secret sister gives great advice-- contact your local senior center for aging they can direct you to all the resources you'll need. Look in your yellow pages and white pages for information or online of course.

Go to and check up on information on what is available in terms of funding and programs available. I don't know what state you live in, but if your grandparents qualify for medicaid you may be able to reimbursed by your state for the caregiving you do.

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