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My mother enlaw is taking care of her mother,80 year`s old,she want`s to know if there is finaical aide out there some where to help (like care giver`s pay) or something in that order?if so where would she go for finaical aide?Please help!


I wish I knew. That is what led me to this site. I am the caregiver to both of my eighty year old parents. My mother has Alzheimers disease and my father has i have degenerative disc disease with many other ailments.

Seeing as how I am doing this by myself and I have Crohn's disease... well, there just has to be some help out there.

Perhaps we can help each other.

If you find something, post it here and I will do the same.

Good luck and God bless.
Dear Sandy,
I`m thinking about calling the SOS office! There got to be some thing out to help,And I`m sorry to here about your parent`s and your self.I`ll keep you and your family in my prayer`s!God Bless you and your family!I`ll let you know some thing asai know some thing ok,
I was reading an article on this site wondering the same thing about caregiver pay. My 86 year old grandmother lives with my family, and it does take a financial toll. Anyway, I went further and read the comment posted by MissMia under the article and thought this may help:

In answer to both questions above, I would direct you to a great service from the AOA. They have a number you can call that can get you the resources and information you need. Call -800-677-1116 for the Eldercare Locator.

This came from a study by the Family Caregiver Alliance:

Most states (all but six) pay families to provide care in at least one
of their state-administered programs.
We asked state program administrators: “Can family members be paid to
provide care in your program?”
w Over half (57%), or 86 out of 150, in 44 states and the District of
Columbia) say they do. Only Alaska, Delaware, Mississippi, Nevada,
Pennsylvania and Tennessee do not allow payments to family members.
w A higher proportion of Medicaid waiver programs (36, 74%) than
NFCSPs (59%) or state-funded programs (40%) report they allow
payment to family members (other than spouses or parents/guardians
of minors).
The practice of paying families to provide care may be perceived by some
state administrators as a consumer-directed option for the individual
benefi ciary or consumer (i.e., the care receiver) without directly aiding the
family caregiver. Nine of the Medicaid waivers and fi ve of the state-funded
programs reporting no consumer-directed option for family caregivers say
they do permit benefi ciaries to pay family members to provide care.
© 2004
Do I call the number above for Eldercare Locator to see if the state of Texas will pay me for being a caregiver for my husband?

I think you should do that but there is also another resource that can assist you in getting the most out of the benefits available. Got to They can help you find tax info, financial, meds, legal and all kinds of things. It will help in all kinds of areas so you can identify what you are entitled to.

Good luck! Hey, you always ask good questions, so keep on posting. This information helps us all!
Check out the National Area Agencies on Aging Many states do provide a financial benefit to help offset in-home care if you financially qualify. Too, it is often a good idea to call your local United Way as they often support non-profits that do provide in-home support for reduced costs or hourly commitments.

Bryan Wisda
Does anyone know if a caregiver who is not related can get financial aid or pay??

I am the caregiver for my disabled girl friend. She is on SSI. I see alot of information on financial aid for a familiy member taking care of a elderly or disabled family, but nothing of taking care of a friend who has no family in this area.

thank you for any responses.

Kathy Bulboff, Modesto, CA
Laws and regulations vary by state. But some will provide at least some pay for family members who provide care. It takes some research and digging to uncover the resources you need. Getting a paycheck for being a family caregiver is not easy. Here are some government programs that are worth looking into, however, because every bit helps.

Also, be sure to check out the links that our wise members have provided earlier in this post: and - they're great resources, and could help you uncover some money you're entitled to.
I take care of my father who is 88 tomorrow, he was 85 when he first moved in and his ageing body has gotten progressivly worse to the point of not being able to leave him alone for very long as he is having difficulty remembering, getting up and down to use the bathroom or just swallowing food as he chokes easily. I am finding I can't work on my business like I had in the past and need to know if there is some financial aid out there? I am a swimming pool contractor with an office in my home, however I can't seem to go out and make sales calls like I did as I can't leave him. What do I do?
Please help, Nancy
After reading the above comments I feel selfish. I am looking for financial help for myself. I am 70 and live with my daughter and her three daughters, I long to have a place of my own but only have 679.00 A MONTH SS. i AM STILL VERY ACTIVE AND WANT TO GET BACK ON MY OWN. aNY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE APPRECIATED. THANKS CLAIRE

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