Need help My mother had a kurby sweeper sales person come to her home. talked her into buying a sweeper ,She is now so upset about it.

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There should be a sales slip with the name and number of the company on it. Call them. Explain that mom felt obligated or stressed and wants to return this.
Then explain the very best that you can to your mother NOT to let strangers into her home.(give her the lecture she used to give you)
Then get a 'no solicitors' sign for her door, and a 'bad dog' sign. Post them up front and center so that there are no mistakes about it. Does she give money to people who come by from religious organizations? The hard sellers won't take 'no' for an answer. Make sure she has a peep hole or a inside chain, and make sure she can say 'no' firmly and be able to shut the door without feeling guilty. If she is letting these people in because she is lonely...find her some outside interests, so she won't bring people inside.

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