My spouse and I were wondering is there a state or gvernment program available to compensate my spouse for his daily care of me. He is unemp

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loyed at this time. He has to assist me in just about everything I do from a bath to cooking dinner. I'm confined to a wheel chair.


My spouse and I are in the same situation. I would love to hear what others have to say. I care for my husband in our home. He has MS and has no use of his legs and minimum use of his hands. I assist him in bathing, eating, turning and other every day situations. He is confined to his bed. I am unemployed and would love to know if there are state or government programs available to compensate me.
Unless the person is under 50 I know of no programs. I have checked myself. Sorry. There should be a program.
check with council on aging and look into hospice type care and what state do you live in and depend where u live they do pay spouses for general care and bathing needs etc... is he on disability or ssi. If you live in Az you can be paid as caregiver but it varies from state to state and based on his insurance and plan he is on. That is all i can think of at the moment until i get more info regarding your state and etc.
My husband is 59 and on Social Secerity Disability. We live in Texas. Right now he is on his own private insurance but in August he will be on Medicare. I'll have to check out the council on aging here in San Antonio.
The first thing to do is to find out what services and programs you may be eligible for in your county/state. In my experience, calling the Social Services office in our county and asking for an intake evaluation was a very efficient way to talk to professionals who know all about local programs and services. They can guide you in how to apply for programs that might apply.

Once you know what you are eligible for, then you can see which services your husband could perform and get paid for. He might have to receive some training. If you qualify for physical therapy, for example, he probably couldn't get paid for that unless he is a physical therapist. But if bathing assistance is something you qualify for, he may be able to be your bathing assistant.

Definitely do not assume there is nothing available until you talk to the experts IN YOUR LOCATION.

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