My prayers and thoughts are with my AC friends in Alaska.

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Tsunami warning after 8.0 quake today.


Gosh Assa i never heard anything? must check sky news.
Never heard a thing about it?? My brother and his family lives in Anchorage...
They say the Aluetian Islands are under warning.. And high waves on the CA coast..
They pulled the "Weather Channel" from my cable... the other weather channel has not mentioned it. If high waves hit the CA coast, wouldn't that mean the Oregon coast might get some of it??
Strong seismic action at the Rat Islands and due South in the Kermadec Is. in the Southern Hemisphere. No tsunami warnings anywhere. See
Very strong geomagnetic changes at Sitka AK and Fresno CA. Be alert.
I dont know? feel like i live on another planet ive watched sky all night and nothing about this? we have a little pressure storm coming here tom when you hear this you realise how lucky we are.
Everything seems fine now...Thank goodness..

Where's Dusty? I thought it was the rapture/Demons!!! Lol

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