My parents are resistant to having someone come into their home to do repair and maintenance work.

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My parents, ages 86 and 88, live in their own home in a small desert town. They need some repairs to the home, i.e kitchen sink, but they are resisitant to having someone come into their home to do the work. There is a Senior Services Agency in the town (the only one), might the agency be able to refer a handyman that they are familiar with to do basic maintenance chores? I am willing to pay for the work (I live in another state 4 1/2 hours away and go once a month to check on them and take them to medical appointments.
Thanks for any insight!

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Are they resistant because they're afraid of strangers in their house? If so, you may have to be there the first time someone comes and does work for them. I know it's really a hardship for you since you live so far away, but unless you can find someone that they know, or feel comfortable with, you're stuck. If they attend a church, you might put the word out to the pastor that your folks are in need of a handyman type person, maybe one of the congregation needs work.

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