My mother has been picking at her legs until she creates many sores and gets angry when we tell her not to. She's on 75mg Seroquel so far.

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She was in the hospital, behavioural ward, for 2 weeks but they did nothing except increase her Seroquel from 50mg to 75mg. This was voluntary. We're wondering if Buspirone would be a better medication for this problem. She lives in a very small town and we are concerned the doctors are not familiar with her condition and therefore don't know how to treat it.


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This is an Obsessive Compulsive activity, which is generally caused by anxiety. Busprione may not be the right medication. I'd get a second opinion for this, however, be aware that OCD is difficult to control. My mother-in-law picked at any sore, so keeping anything for scabbing was a challenge. Good luck.
Thank you, Carol. I was a little concerned about the Busprione, but I'm not sure the Seroquel is the answer either. A friend told me today her daughter had OCD and was plucking her eyebrows out, her eyelashes and the hairs on her legs. They prescribed Zoloft and it worked. Of course, she doesn't have dementia so who knows.

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