My mother became a permanent Nursing Home resident in 2007. Due to having no assets, I applied for Medicaid and she was placed shortly

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after. She had credit card debts that she couldn't pay. My attorney contacted the creditors indicating this. They ignored the letters and now have put two judgments on the house which is in my name with her name on as Life Estate. Is this legal? How can I get them removed without hiring an attorney? Is my only option to settle?


KZ: normally, children are not responsible for their parent's debt. It comes down to how the law interprets the ownership of your mom's home.

If you do not feel comfortable with your current lawyer, I would highly recommend hiring a Elder Law Attorney. If your family cannot afford one, try the American Bar Assoc. in your town...they have free services.

Personally, I would not respond to these judgments until I had some legal counsel.
My mother is on Medicaid in a nursing facility. My name is on the deed of the house with her as life estate. She has outstanding debts which resulted to 2 judgments placed against the house. How do I get the judgments removed. Am I responsible to pay off her debts?
I know you don't have to pay the debt unless you sale the house. As long as you don't sale it, you don't have to pay them. They will tag it with the debts and once it is sold, you probably will have to pay the debts from her portion of the money.

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