My mother - age 90 - has been suffering from stiff hands. She has had therapy and nothing seems to work. She has no control of her hands.

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Warm/hot water softens muscles.
Dishwashers have become both a blessing and a curse.
Ther are little sand filled balloons used for hand therapy. You squeeze them & roll them around in your hand. Works great for stroke victims & also loosens joints/muscles.
That which is not used atrophies and becomes stiff.
Are the joints swollen? Artheritis may be the culprit & not easily treated.
My mother is also 90 & claims her hands "don't work" but you would be amazed at what she can do when no one is looking. Hope this is not the case with yours.
What about some warm gloves? I sometimes have aches in my hands and when I think about it, I put on some gloves and that seems to help.

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