My mom hates me and I am her caregiver

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Mom is so nasty to me it is hard to take care of a person this angry and mean.


Yes it is hard. Most of us on this site deal with abuse from our elderly parents. Do you really need to be her caregiver? Are there other options for her care?
sometimes this questions has to arise do your mother have dementia? or is she in 2nd alz stage? if she does, my friend you probably need alittle more help than what you have i know its hard to deal with that i dealt with it when my mother was a live but i only experienced it when my other sisters were around it seemed i was always pick on by my mom but when we were alone one day i ask my mom why she treats me different then the other girls. she could never give me a straight answer but always said she loves us all the same. that was not the answer i was looking for but i settle with seemed she was angry towards me due to my pass and my pass was no secret i let her know straight out she wasnt running my life like she did my others sisters and i think tthats what really mad her mad i stood up to her i neverd disrespected her but i showed her the woman she raised and actuallly she was just looking in the mirror at her self the older she got i never held it against her but she did tell tell me she loved me so that cushion alot of the blow but alz attends to take over the brain tomake elderly people more aggesive andbe mean towards the love one that takes care of them so if this is the case my friend please dont take it serious ..the brain takes controll its a hurtful disease and the caregives suffer along with the process of it..i hope things get better for you and your love one
Don't take it personal...You have to imagine your mom as if she is a toddler..It's difficult to get really upset with an infant for saying ugly things to us...We often resolve oh - He or She doesn't know ant better.... My mom does me and my sister the same things sometimes...even her pcas......No one knows when his/her time will be up ....But the odds are against our aging parents first ...So reminence on the old times......and try to even recall those times with them.....and It may help make things a little better...I know what you are going through...
Was she always this way to you? Remember that she is probably not in control of her mind anymore, and she is afraid. Please try to recall loving and pleasant times with her, and remind her of them, too. This is an opportunity to resolve so many life lessons, for both of you. Many Blessings, and much love to you and your Mom. HUGS

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