My mom has become aggressive towards others in her adult day care group.

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My mom attends an Adult Day care 3 times a week, which gives my dad a break. About two weeks ago, she started pulling other patients/clients by the arm (very insistently) to go 'somewhere' with her, or to stay by her side or I don't know what?? The staff there are wonderful people and they told me that sometimes they notice a change in behavior in some clients during 'the change of the moon' or the weather but it usually settles. My mom, however, hasn't settled. They are reccomending going to her doctor to perhaps look into anti-anxiety medication. Should I look into this? She already takes a bunch of pills during the day. I'd hate for her not to be allowed back, but I understand. I'm afraid if she keeps this up, she herself may be hit by a frustrated client!


I would absolutely take her to her doctor. You didn't say if she had been diagnosed with anything in particular, so let's say not. Her behavior could be a symptom of something else going on.
Yup. Get the doctor involved. Could be something serious, could be mental health, could be behavioral, or it could simply be she's trying to communicate and can't figure out how to be appropiate. Is she acting out at home?
Sorry, I forgot to write that she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer. In the evenings is when she gets most agitated; wanting to go 'home'. She goes to the doors and tries to open them. Luckily, my dad has installed locks with keys, so she can't leave. If my dad approaches her she does push him away and once or twice tried to hit him. But, the pushing and hitting has occurred in months. And, actually, my dad says she's been quite calm at night in the last week. I'll definitely have to recommend seeing her neurologist.
Sorry, sorry, just noticed a typo in my response. I meant to type '...hitting has not occurred...'

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