My mom got a letter from Hospice and I don't understand how she got it.

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I am a bit confused. Does Hospice make inquiries, and do they contact YOU because I thought it was up to the person in need who's family would contact them.

I asked the "help" who said they probably sent it to her because of her age, hmmm I don't understand that, plenty of 90 yr-olds around and my mom had a stroke, not cancer.

So does this sound strange, most of you know my story but does this mean someone has called Hospice and asked for literature?


Hi, Pamela, Yes this does sound strange to me---that hospice would send a letter with information to your mother. If your mother has had any recent hospitalizations, maybe a person on the staff at the hospital contacted hospice. When my mother was in the hospital, it was the hospital staff who raised this issue of hospice care to her. I am wondering if any health care professionals who are in contact with your mother have noticed physical changes or symptoms which prompted them to have the hospice literature sent to her. I know that people can live for months under hospice care.....It depends on what the "rules" are where you live. Good luck figuring this out...
Hospice is not just for cancer patients. They are angels of mercy.They can serve alot of purposes.
Just came from moms house so this morning when I got there @ 5:30 am I asked where the letter was. She said sister had taken it, and that it was a sloicitation for donations, so I never actually saw it.

Still sounds funny to me. Mom isn't in touch with many care professionals only the one that comes Mon-Fri on a regular, and when she goes to her Doctor visits. Perhaps the agency had something sent, nahhhhhhhh that would defeat their purpose.

I'm still wonderring so I'm gonna contack them 2morrow and see myself.
Is your sister still holding out/sneaky? It does sound...suspicious. Does she know something you don't know? Can you ask her point blank if she requested the info? Inquiring minds want to know the rest of the story...
In my experience, family members were REFERRED to hospice by their physician; only then would their insurance or medicaide cover the expenses. There are 3 hospices in my county and they regularily send out letters and mailings soliciting donations since they are all non-profit organizations. My mom gets one per year since the death of my dad - hospice nurses came to their home daily. They hit up the family of anyone who's used it. So, it is likely that it is a simple solicitation that went out to everyone in your county, city or specific zip code. Your comments indicate that you're concerned or afraid someone might be manipulating behind the scenes but it's really likely just an innocent mass mailing.
LynnPO I think you're right and I may just be overly sensitive because my mom is sick now.
Pamela6148 - that's totally understandable given the stress you're under. There's so much to do, and then you worry about ensuring the emotional well being of our elders too - it's a lot to handle. I hope you find out some specifics though - for your own piece of mind.

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