My mom (86) has heart disease ( COPD) and dad (88) has last stage of parkinsons. I have given up everything for the last four years to take

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care of them,including house and job. Now mom is in rehab and not expected to come home while dad is still home. I owe my life partner a lot of money because of him taking care of them with me. It was agreed that we would pay him 400.00 aweek which he hasn't seen a dime. He said he doesn't want it now. ( What a guy) Question: How will that work when my parents have about $130,000. and we think the nursing home might take it all which is rightfully a lot of my partners money and mine because I have lost so much in the last four years. Also , they have the house with now a $100,000 mortgage which has about $30,000 in equity. I just don't watn tthem to take all dad's money and house . CAN THEY? Anyone have this going on with their parents?


contact a lawyer, as they can not deplete the account, or house as 1 parent is still living there, but there are alot of things you need to work out before making the decision to keep her in the rehab facility. You may be able to bring her home on hospice, which will likely be fully paid for by Medicare, with no time restrictions. Plus she will be more comfortable with family by her side too.
Thank you brandiJ for your comment. We are going to seek an attorney . Matter of fact I just got off the phone with my brother and he will be talking to one this week .Just have to be careful on money. You know these lawyers sometimes. I hope it alll works out. I just don't watnt to sound like I' m being moeny hungry , but I don't have anything left and need to be careful After all I am 54 and living now in my paretns home . FUN WOW. I just wouldn't change it for the world. I am blessed that I still have them but Ijust don't want my parents suffering anymore also . What a dilema!!!!! Thanks again for your careing response. I love this site.
Keep writing. You need to see a lawyer who specializes in elder law. Not all of them are versed in what you need to know.
If Dad is a Veteran check into Va Aid and Attendance benefit as it help pay for their care from Home Care to Skilled Nursing. Definately get a Eldercare Attorney to safeguard their assets.
thank you to all of you . I will do that and dee what the outcome will be. Believe me, we all need comfort for what we are all going through.

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