My husband's Medicaid application was rejected without explanation. His supplemental insurance payments are cutting into our food budget.

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In my very limited experience with Medicaid I understand that there are attorneys who specialize in this area. They may help direct you through the maze of paperwork and redtape.
So sad that we have to hire attorneys to get the things that we are entitled to.
Also, if an attorney is out of your budget, consult your local legal aid office (or local bar association). The few times I have called, they were very professional and knowledgeable.
Hi Lilliput~ Thank you for great ideas and I'll look into the legal aid office one. I can repeal but it means going into the city near us where I'm not familiar with the area and because I would need to take my husband with me, it would be difficult for us to do. There are other complications I'm sure. Anyway, thank you for your help. RSuzyJ
Hi RSuzy. Maybe that's exactly what they need to see, your husband sitting there in the hopes they will reconsider.

Good luck with this and keep us posted.

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