My husband's Parkinson's issues are increasing - he now has incontinence frequently. I've gone to "depends". They really don't work. Help!

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Falcon91 and robert 888 - THANK YOU!!!!

Many excellent ideas and I'm going to try all of the different ones. I like the idea of a 'condom-like" device to funnel. The problem seems to come and go. If I'm at the store and not back in time, guess what! Sometimes, like you mentioned above, he just tries to pull them down or work around them so the liner idea might work. Also, he has no speech and we've developed a cool sign language hand signal that lets me or anyone else know but he isn't getting the 'I gotta go" signal like he used to - it just kind of sneaks up on him and doesn't give me time to either help get him to the bathroom or get him up if I've been outside and he's really desperate. His urinal bottle is the best implement I have and comes in handy on road trips and is all I use for him at night. So, the ideas above will all be looked into for daytime and are very appreciated...and i liked robert888's humor! I know laughter IS the best medicine! RSuzyJ

GAME ON! - Let me share.

(1) Get thee to the internet, spend money on lots of stuff and see what helps.
There are all manner of pullups, various sizes, etc. "Depends undergarments" is a good search term on Google, Yahoo, etc., to get you started.

Give us some details on what the "problem" is? Does he pull of the disposable undergarments (DU)? Are they leaking?

Umm, does he have a hard time going to the toilet while wearing the DUs? Let me tell you (and any entrepreneurs out there), they are not designed to actually allow one to try to go to the toilet to pee. They are designed for peeing inside. That's why they are so large and ride up high on the waist. But then how does an old guy try to pee?!! Answer - try to take them off and defeat the whole game!

(2) Try a liner within regular underpants. Put on shorts over these, but allow one to, how shall I say this, pee by routing one's willy under the leg-hole opening, rather than pulling down the underpants to pee. By having the liner, one can still get this "access" unlike the locked-up-tight Depends underpants. The liner also catches leftover dribble and extends the time to get to the toilet.

(3) Get a diagnosis. If there's no bladder infection after a urinalysis, then what's causing the incontinence? If the current doc is not all over this, then they are just being regular docs who think this is "no big deal." Let them have pee odor waffle thru their office all day!!

Although my dad's doc is great and she is very caring, I basically rated my dad per theInternational Prostate Symptom Score tool, notice it is all just "symptom" factors, and then I went in and had her prescribe meds. Let me tell you Day 2 of teresine and we are on top-of-the-world.

(3) A pee-condom. Umm, sorry I don't know the proper terms. But we know several people in the community that basically put a little condom-like device on -- which then funnels the pee to a little baggie.

(4) Stamina - sounds like you're doing so much to try to manage this. It's a lot of constant and thank less work. There are times he probably gets frustrated and snippy himself. Know that you're doing so much.

You can try Tranquility products. They are great and I can't remember ever experiencing any leaking of the products. They have tape style and pull ups. They also have underpads for furniture or beds. I'm not sure where you are located, but you can purchase Tranquility items on the internet at if there is not a local pharmacy or other place to purchase. They are a little more expensive but I don't have to change them as often and I save a lot of time not doing laundry as much anymore.

Thank you SO much, Carol! I've taken steps to help lessen 'situations' by placing cut trash bags on the couch under a towel when I go out, for him to lay on. I also use the medical supply quilted pads for our bed - one to protect the mattress pad and one just under him at night and he has his urinal bottle to simplify things. I have to help him more and more. When we travel I always have him in a 'depends' but again, I will check with medical supplies and your suggestion about seeing a urologist is great, and possibly it's time for another appointment with a neurologist. Thank You! RSuzyJ

This is such a huge problem for people. Have you checked with a urologist's office? They may have some ideas. Also, medical supply stores may have options. Otherwise, I don't personally have a great answer for you, but we'll bump this up higher on the list and see if someone has a suggestion. Anyone out there know of some great product?

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