My grandmother is having difficulty managing her monthly bills and needs someone trustworthy to assist her in managing her money

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I agree, if you're trustworthy then why not you? Even though I manage my mother-in-laws bills/banking etc. her business is an open book with the rest of the family. I have it set up with online banking, that any one of her boys can access her account and see where the money is going. I stay accountable, and she doesn't have to worry about her bills being paid. It's the same way with her her health information. She has Kaiser, so I have set up her records online, and I've given her boys the info they need to access anything that the doctor is telling me. No one is out of the loop, and it seems to be making everyone happy.
Can you have her appoint someone POA for her financial affairs--if so it may make things much easier on all~!

although the above advice is good , I was more or less interested in finding somone professionally who handle such affairs. for example a executor ect. and if there is such a service , how do I inquire or look for this type of assistance . plz anyone if you can advice or point me in the right direction im sure i can find just the person thank you
sincerely the grand-daughter

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