My father was recently put in a care home by without the families consent. His conservator got Medical Power of Attorney to keep him there.

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If my father is able to make decisions on his own why cant I (his son) get a power of attorney signed by my father to overide the conservators power of attorney?


I guess I don't understand why your dad would have to have a conservator if he has you or other children.
The reason my father has a conservator is because he almost lost everything due to undue influence from a women he met at the american legion bar he likes to go to. She talked my father into getting a restraining order and had me and my ex-wife kicked out of my fathers house where we were staying and taking care of him. Then she changed the locks on the doors and put up a for sale sign in front of my fathers house the very next day. Everything I owned was in the house and I was thinking that I was not going to get any of my belongings back. I contacted the police and elder abuse to try to get help with this but the woman from elder abuse said they could not do anything and that I should get a conservator. So not knowing any other way to help my father I went through the process of getting a conservator assigned to him. I thought the conservator was there to protect his assets but was unawair of this new conservator taking over and making him a prisoner in a care home. The new conservator was assigned by the courts without our familys consent by phone the day before we went to court for the assignment of the conservator. My father has been calling me and begging me to do something to get him out of there but all I can do is try to calm him down and tell him I am doing all I can. I am so upset about this matter and feel that our civil and moral rights have been violated. There is no reason why he should not be released and allowed to come home where he and his family wants him to be.
Does this conservator not talk to the family at all? I don't understand what that person is supposed to be doing. I thought this person was just responsible for your fathers finances. But they must have complete control over everything then? Health decisions should be made by the family unless the family is a danger to the person. Shouldn't they? I DO understand your panic, I would too.
It is too bad that you listened to APS the one who came to my house made me belive she was a social worker and tried to throw her weight around and demanded I be out of the picture and hire aides 24/7 to care for my husband-she had me shaking by the time she left-I called my daughter who worked in social service in another county and told me she had no power to do anything. Nothing came of it but I did make out a complaint against her and it was followed up on. This should be a lesson for others do not take their word for who they are it turned out she was a case worker not a social worker she was with another womem who was afraid to open her mouth always ask for ID and you do not have to answer any questions asked by APS.
My MIL, who has AD and is almost 79 yrs. old just got put in a nursing home. I was Primary Caregiver, while she was here, and also am her DIL. My husband (her son) and I tag-teamed when he was home. I finally got it thru to the DPOA (one of my SIL) that she might have a UTI and it should get checked. We took her to the dr. since the DPOA couldn't
& the dr. recommended she may have to quit Coumadin. My MIL is also a major fall risk. She must get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom (b/r). We get her up between 10 pm & 1 am to go to the b/r
and then about 5-5:30 am. She must get up somewhere in between.
Lately, we've found her either naked as a jaybird or bottomless (no DEPENDS on) in the morning. Anyway, she wanted a Direct Admit to the hospital. After 3 days, she was moved to the NH.

I have repeatedly asked my SIL (who is DPOA) to let me call some night
nurses in here at night, but she didn't want to pay the money for somebody to watch MIL sleep most of the time. Now she's in a nursing home (NH) 4-1 (my voice doesn't count--even though I've been taking care of her--because I'm not blood-related). The 4 for the NH are my 4 SIL and the 1 against the NH is my husband--who has helped take care of her since he was laid off last year.

It s*cks out the ying-yang, but the only way Medicare will pay for the NH is if she goes directly there from the hospital. They won't pay if she comes from a private home to a NH.

Oh, & BTW, I was right--she tested positive for a UTI. My SIL (who is DPOA) has a nursing degree and I don't. She really didn't think she had one and pooh-poohed me, until I wouldn't let her off the phone until she agreed to call the dr. & get my MIL tested for a UTI.

After she had lived with us for almost 3 months in 2008, she had to go into the hospital and then my SIL (the DPOA) decided that she wanted her to go into the NH. I'm not blood, so I stepped aside. Then when there came a snag or something with Medicare, I offered to have my MIL move back in (all her stuff was still there). We took good care of her while she was here until dr. visit and hospital visit on 05/25/10. We tried to get all of the siblings to help out more often so that we did not have to use the money for Home Health Aides (HHAs). Oh well, now they're going to have to drive further if they want to visit her. This time, I will not take her back. I asked for all siblings' help & got it at first (before 1st hospital stay) & when she got back to the house (we got very little). 1st time, fool me once--2nd time, not going to fool me, Shame on you, if you think you're going to try. My SIL (DPOA) wants to be the one who's in control, so let her waddle in it.
have a friend who is in a wheel chair totally has a sharp mind her husband says he is putting her in a nursing home can he do this without her consent
I went out with my hubby left dad alone in the house like so many other times. It was never a problem, but this time he thought he couldn't get out of the house. So he called up the senior center and they in turn passed it on to PCA. They said we had put him in danger. They sent some people out here to interview him. While I was making copies of my POA for them. They made my father sign a paper releasing all his medical and financial records. I called my lawyer based on the fact that my dad has never signed anything without me being present. When I asked my dad if he knew what he signed he said no. Lawyer told me to tell the lady if she used those papers she would be sued. She never answered my phone calls. I left messages, so I finally called the agency went through a lot of people till I got to the top. She said the papers would be torn up. As a caregiver trying to do my best I feel so stressed out unappreciated.

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