My father is coming home from the hospital he needs 24 hour care- I am a widow raising 3 grandkids with only one income-I have no resourses-

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He can't swallow-trys to pull his tubes out-fights to get out of bed-only says a few words that you can understand. His regular income is1400.00 a month-his out going is almost that much
-AARP (200.00)-Farmers Ins (270.00)-American Family (85.00)Lights-Gas-Water at his house (about 250.00)-Medicine (about 400.00)------he has rental property but the income from them varies usually about 685.00 to 1500.00 a month taxes and insurance equal 750.00 a month-so their is not enough let to pay for the care he needs-I have the houses for sale-but so far nothing


Could you tell us a bit more about your circumstances?
If he is coming home from the hospital he should be eligible for Medicare in-home care. Talk to the social worker at your hospital - they are a great resource. (Also, if he is unable to swallow and has other physical issues, why are they discharging him? can he be moved to a rehab center? have you looked at nursing homes?)

Is there other family that can help? It does not sound like you can take on this extra burden at this time in your life.
let us know...
I do believe if his funds are low then MEDICAL kicks in?

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