My father has been diagmosed with early signs of dementia he has been going through depression since my mother passed 7 months ago of

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parkinsons. he thinks everyone is against him and now refuses to see any drs. or take any medication, because he thinks that it what caused my mothers death. I think he has alot of guilt feelings because he was not very good to my mother and refused to educate himself about parkinsons. He blames his children for him having to sell his house and move to senior housing so my mother could have a better quality of life while he went off to work every day. How can we reason with him when he tells his children different things. We need him to get some help but he gets so angry and says terrible things. I am the closest and he always comes to me when he has a problem but I don't know how to deal with him I'm tired of always being the bad one and having to deal with this every time he needs something, or dosn't understand things I have to take care of it. He is in total denaial that he has a problem.

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