My dad needs 24 hour care, due to dementia. he is in a nursing home now, but would love for him to go to his home. when we take him to his

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house for visits he does so much better. does the VA or medicaid cover 24 hour care in the home? thanks! i have gotten some helpful responses from this board, i am new to this situation so i feel like i am always asking questions!


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Please keep asking questions. We may not know the answers, but maybe we can point you somewhere. If nothing else, you will know you aren't alone.

It's a good sign that your dad still does better when he's taken home. He may get so the confusion of changing places makes him worse.

I wish I could tell you there was a program to pay for 24-hour-care in the home. I hope there will be some day. At this time, I don't know of any, but you should check with the VA in your area, as well as the aging services people for your state. Never say never.

Have you considered taking him to your home, or in the alternative, moving into his home with him.

I have seen the VA pay for an adult day care center. That would cover the daytime hours so that you can work. Then you and your family would cover the time until your dad goes to sleep.

There are a few pivotal questions to ask such as does your dad sleep soundly at night? This would be an important question to consider because it would speak to whether you and your family would expect to be rest broken.

If the VA benefits in your state will pay for a good adult day care center in your area, and your dad sleeps soundly at night, bringing him home may be an option.

Let me manage your expectations: Serving as a live-in caregiver is not easy, but it is so worth it. You can always resort back to the nursing home for respite, but the majority of the time would be at home where he does best. Also, the home is typically exempt as a countable resources for Medicaid purposes if the medicaid recipient is living in the home.

I would recommend that you check to see if there are any nice adult day care centers in your area. VIsit them to see if you are comfortable with the environment. Ask their staff if they accept VA benefits for payment - the staff will be sure to know about matters concerning compensation and benefits.

Wishing you the best.
I have been looking for 24 hour care for my Dad, he is post op bladder cancer and not responding well. I live upstate NY and have been staying at his home for 7+ months and need to go home to my family, but what do I do. I can get a few hours here and there on a temporary basis from an agency but can't seem to find any more then that.
antilane, sometimes there comes a point in care when the elder needs an extra layer of care that a grown child cannot physically keep doing. See if your Dad can afford to go into a continuing care facility, either by paying from his own retirement fund, or by qualifying for Medicaid which will help pay for his care in a nursing home.

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