My dad is 82 years old. He wants to sleep all day and wants entertained all night.

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Two suggestions. Is your dad mobile and is there a possibility of more exercise and activity for your dad during the day? Adult day care and maybe a silver sneakers program at your local Y? Hopefully he would be tired enough to sleep at night and have more interests and fun as a bonus.
If that isn't a possibility, do you have the funds to hire college students to come over at night at your bedtime and play cards, talk, look at photo albums with your dad? If funds are a problem there might be some volunteers that would take a night a week to help you get your much needed sleep.
I love all of your ideas....we have been unable to get others to come back to our home because he does not want them there. He is rude and obnoxious with visitors....I at times feel like I am taking care of a child that throws temper tantrums.....spoiled? Yes! He was spoiled before I was born.
I really understand that problem! What if you took your dad on an arranged outing, say to get some ice cream, and you happened to "meet" and make friends with a potential caregiver. Maybe you would have to meet several times outside the home to establish this person as a new friend. Later you could suggest that person be invited over for an afternoon visit. Eventually, that person might be able to just "show up" for a visit at bedtime and your father might accept this as a visit from a friend rather than having a caregiver. Lots of effort, but worth it for a good night's rest!
It sounds like he has gotten his hours messed, it usually takes a couple days to resettle them, definitely try to find activities for day time and encourage a going to bed routine, unless he was always a night owl and that would be a different issue all together.
Well, we will skip the ice cream....he is terribly overweight and would eat waffles & ice cream at every meal if I would let him have them. Then forget he just ate them and demand to have them again. But I will engage in taking him out on the back porch. He gets cold. He wears a scarf, hat and gloves all summer with two blankets and a heater turned on. If he goes outside he is afraid of getting cold.
Same issues with cold here. Grandfather put on gloves and flannel quilted jacket to go to doctor appointment came home not wearing it. It was 87 degrees out. We found some no sugar added, low fat ice creams for him as he is diabetic.

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