My Senior Mother is on Medicaid, I take her to all of her Doctor Appointments, pickup her 14 prescriptions arrange her meds and many which

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many, How can a Daugher get paid to take care of her mother, I miss over 5 weeks of work and more just tying to take care of her I am afraid that I will lose me job which I have had now for 25 years


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Was your mother married to a veteran when the veteran died? If so, she may be eligible for a benefit from the VA called "Aid and Attendance Improved Pension". If handled properly, the VA will provide her with a monthly cash award of up to $1,057 which could be used to compensate you.
You should really contact your Area Agency on Aging and ask them about support services. There may be many services that could be of value to you including adult day care, meals on wheels, respite care, etc. And, as far as picking up all those meds are concerned...that's why they have mail order!! And its cheaper, too!
I try to "consolidate" doctors appts. so that they are on the same day. That way I only lose one day.
14 perscriptions?? I would consider having a geriatric specialist look at everything that she is taking. Sometimes doctors just add to the list and do not eliminate unnecessary or duplicate meds. Sounds like a LOT of medication for one person.
I arranged for a paid care assistant to come in once a month for errands, grocery shopping, light housekeeping, etc. Amazing what a difference it makes in my life! (costs about $18. an hour, 2 hr. min.) It also gives Mom a chance to interact with another person. The agency allowed her to choose the person who would be her helper. She really likes her and I feel like I have an emergency "backup" since there is no other family in the area.
Good luck

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