My Mother has dementia, Severe Chrohn's Disease and Heart Disease. Since her surgery in March, I think she/we need help.

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I'm looking for in home care, any suggestions? I've never used any care before. It's scary to have someone in your home caring for a parent that you don't really know.

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Research the agencies that you are considering using. Ask if they do background checks on the people that will be at your home, and what qualifications and certifications their employees have. THEN, do some research of your own on the company itself. Saying they do something and actually doing it are two different things. Ask for referrals from a local daycare center, and again do some research to see how other 'clients' feel their parents are cared for.

It isn't easy to find 'good help' but perhaps your church can help too. Or other groups you belong too. I was shocked to learn how many of my contemporaries had aging parents that they also needed help with. On the left 'sidebar' I see a link for which is for home care.

I am sure that others here have used home care services, and may be able to provide more suggestions, but remember, their experience will not be YOUR experience with any home care personnel, unless it would be the very same person.

I would try a 'service' on a limited basis, and see how your mother responds to them being there. Then 'return home earlier' to see spot check on their care'.

I know you can use granny-cams in any state, which is legal, but in some states it is illegal to have SOUND and video. Check your local state laws if you choose to get a granny cam.

I know on this website there are ways to search

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