My Mom was put on Aricept, but she does not want to take it and thinks there is nothing wrong with her.

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She is unreasonable and very difficult, what if anything can we do??? She is almost 83 and when I asked why she did not want to take it and she said "I don't like to take pills"... My Father has been encouraging her however... I really feel that she needs something for anxiety... but I know she would never go for that.


Good luck to you! (Really!)

My mom is that way, too. (Any excuse will do...) She desperately needs meds for anxiety, and for a bizillion other things that ails her, but will only refuse. She tells everyone that I'm her problem... And I could use some prayer!

Please know that I'll be praying for you...
thank you it is such a challenge. I have seriously thought of trying to dissolve it in her tea... VERY determined little scottish lady!!! I do appreciate your prayers. My sisters would put her in a nursing home and have her sedated if it was up to them.
Scary! My dad is there, and he's sedated heavily. I would avoid it if you can. Though, I understand how great a challenge it can be... O my, you hang in there, please. Trust your instincts. God gave them to you for a reason!
Aricept has been a wonder drug for my mom. She was diagnosed with AD 12 years ago. Aricept, a healthy diet, supplements, walking and human interaction and she is still at the moderate stage. I know some children of AD sufferers who say the Aricept did not help, but if it helps your mom like it does mine it is worth the effort. I have no suggestion to help with taking the pill, but I do know there is a drug similar to Aricept that can be administered via a patch. Talk to her Dr. there may be alternative ways to get her the medicinal help she needs.
My mom is apathetic about routine things like cleaning---her home and her body; but she also exhibits extreme combativeness and paranoia. She becomes neurotic on evenings when she's by herself and has hallucinated (I believe they're hallucinations...or dreamed a man coming to her door and knocking on it in order to gain entry, rape and kill her. Her anxiety is to the point that we all met to discuss the issues with her and how best to approach her about them, only she refuses to go see her doctors, any of spite of the fact that a couple of years ago, she wouldn't dream of missing an appointment. Physically she's in excellent health. Her mentality, however, is taking a nose dive and she's spiraling downward very quickly. The times between, and the duration of her "episodes" are becoming more frequent and more intense.
It would be a very good idea to video these episodes, and allow her doctor to get a real diagnosis going. At least you'll have some back-up when necessary. This is clearly a sign she needs help, whether she recognizes it or not. Best wishes to you in the journey.
Thank you for your support and advice, SecretSister.
I guess my question here would be...How do we approach her about WHY she's being taken to the doctor? She won't want to go, I know; and if we manage to even get her in the car, she'll be kicking and screaming all the way and could conceivably jump out of the car or run away when she sees the dr. office.
We'll be taking her on Monday morning.
That's a good question. I've been told we can't force anything on someone. But in the case of two relatives with mental health issues, they had to be forced (knock down drag out) into compliance. This isn't recommended for a frail old lady, etc. One must be tactful, etc. I was told by mom's psychiatrist to bring her, and if she wouldn't come in, they'd come out to the car and document it. Unless they are a danger to themselves (literally) or others, you may have to wait until they can no longer fight you on this, I'm told. There are no magic answers. Can you ask her Physician's opinion or for the nurses help? They may be able to give you some ideas. Some people can be extremely resistant, as you already know.
so sorry - i had appt. with cariologist to day at 2:40 - usually enuf time for her to get up- she just got up its 2:04- has not had breakfast - i called and cancelled at 1:00. i took the blankets off her bed and said they were in the wash- turned on the fan but she got in the bed and turned her back and went to sleep- so i turned the fan off and gave her the blankets- rescheduled for May 18th at 4:00 - hopefully this will work- she is on aricept - cant tell if its helping - her great grand daughetr was here and that usually gets her up -but lately nothing works
My Mom was cut back on her Aricept for a while, but needed it put back up. She is much better with the higher dose. She is also on Paxil for depression and Zanax for anxiety. Parkinsons and dementia makes these symptoms worse. If you can, get your mom to a doctor and have them convince her that the medications would make her feel better. Tell her to try them for a month, and if she doesn't feel any different, then she won't have to take them anymore. Guaranteed she will feel so much better that she will forget that she didn't want to take them in the first place. Hope this helps!

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