My FIL just forgot how to read a newspaper... :(

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Not asking for answers here, just kind of sad today. My FIL, who previously loved reading the newspaper, has apparently forgotten how to do so. He stares at the front page of the double folded paper, did this for half an hour today. So, I unfolded it for him, took off the ad portion, and gave it back. He folded it right back up, and then tried to read part of an article by peering inside, holding the corner back at a 45 degree angle. I gently and in an upbeat tone told him, "Hey Dad, it'll be easier to read that if you unfold the page!" He got angry, and refused.

This makes me so sad. :(


My Mom would fold it and read the bottom. It is sad.
This is indeed sad. In her insightful book, Loving Someone Who Has Dementia, therapist Pauline Boss recommends having some way to acknowledge each loss as it occurs. Maybe one way to do that would be to post it on AgingCare, as you have done with this one. We understand that each loss is real and each loss hurts.
Rings a lot of bells with me. :( indeed. Hugs.
Sorry to hear about your FIL. Does he like the news section? Will he listen to the news on tv or audio books? That might occupy him some. After, my LO stopped reading, which she loved, she also lost interest in tv. She couldn't follow it. She could actually read the words (I would ask that she read things and she could), it was just that they meant nothing to her. She just couldn't process what they meant. 

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