My Dad is 77 years old. He is so sleepy that he cannot stay awake for very long. Until about 2 weeks ago he was very active,fishing, mowing

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he cannot understand it. Doctors say his vitals are normal and ignore it. My Dad is very frustrated. Can you give some reasons? Maybe vitamin or mineral defency?


HE needs a complete workup esp. blood test.
I got cut off if his doc will not take you seriously find another this does not seem normal for someone who enjoyed fishing and such and was able to do yard work -a neurlogist would be a good start.
your father might be dehydrated. My mom does that when she does not get enough fluids. Or if she is low on sodium. Have the doc. check this out. A man his age might not realize he is not drinking enough .
ksue that was a great thing to think of that use to happen in the nursing home my husband did not ask for water because he was told not to make silly request because they were busy abd his room cost was about 450.00 a day.
You should take your father to see a doctor as soon as possible. He needs a full physical.

You might want to talk with his doctor and have blood work done. Also check his medications, sometimes if he goes to more than one doctor they may be giving him the same medication or a medication that is not working with the ones from his primary. He also might try vitamins.
this happened to my 87 year old father. Two things followed... a urinary tract infection and potassium deficiency. see if you can get your dad's current doctor to test him for this. it doesn't cost much and if you can catch eitger early it willsave a lot of trouble. good luck.
This patient needs a full evaluation. He could have CHF, or Ischemic Cardiomyopathy or both. Seventy-seven is a little young, but not TOO young.
Lorraine, I know it was a while ago now, but what was wrong in the end? Was it dehydration/ hypothyroid/fit deficiency etc? Having the same issue with my mum right now... she literally cannot stay awake, falls asleep on the loo and takes my 89 year old father an hour to rouse her and get up up, only for her to crash out again as soon as she gets in her chair.
I'm taking rehydration stuff over today, and Fortisip meal replacements. I too am disgusted with the docs lack of urgency or interest (family GP of 40 years! No spring chicken himself), but my dad is that old school who 'don't like to bother' the doctors (plus is scared she'll be taken off him and put in a home, so I think he pretends he is coping to the doctor... I have phone appt with his doc next week!!)

Did your dad get over this? Be good to know what was the cause.
Lorraine1590, since your question was back in 2009, can you give us an update as to what were the results?

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