My Dad has Alzheimer's & needs a Roman Catholic priest in the St Pete FL area.

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Dad left the RC church years ago, but is asking questions about my religious beliefs, and clearly needs to talk to someone about God and the end of life. The diocese of Tampa was no help in looking for someone to talk to my Dad. Anybody had any luck with a RC priest or ministry in dealing with an AD patient?


i had answered your post with a link...but aging care loves to remove post with links embeded - hope you saw my previous post
oh bother, I see what you mean. I am out of town, read your message and meant to follow up when I got home. Was the name of the church Holy Family in St Pete? A previous posting disappeared.

This is a good site, but curious that there is no category for a loved ones spiritual needs as they face their own deaths.

Thanks for the heads up, I would have thought I was losing it when the link disappeared.

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