Mother will not sleep at night!

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I am having problems with my mother at night, she is not sleeping, should I say WE are not sleeping..trying sleep medication, nothing seems to work.


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The doctor may have something for her. It's not unusual for someone with dementia to not sleep at night, but it's draining (as you know) for the caregiver. If you can keep her from napping during the day it may help, but that is hard. I'd check with the doctor - and maybe your own!
Ambien is a very good sleep aid. Ask her doctor about it.
Let me take back the suggestion of Ambien. I saw a news piece on it yesterday and they call people who take it Ambien Zombies. They said people do things while taking it that they have no recolection of doing.

Ask your doctor to suggest something and ask him about the side effects of Ambien.
thank you for taking that back about ambien. Tried that and it caused a fall that we had to take my husbands 98 year old grandmother to the hospital. All that stuff did was help her fall asleep (witch she had no problem with that) and she still was up over half the night getting up and down. I'm still looking for something that will help her stay sleep through the night so she will stay awake during the day.
Just a thought. Babies like swaddling.
My mom is good at staying put in bed; I have an enormous pile of heavy wool blankets on her. I know she wakes up, because we do share a room, but mostly she says "is it morning yet?" I say" no" and she goes right back to sleep
I have the same problem with my Dad and yes, Ambien is not the way to go. I don't understand why it's still on the market with all the first hand accounts I've heard from people who've taken it.

We've been having Dad take Melatonin at night. Started out with the pills --- 3 of the 3 mg but after awhile it didn't seem to work as well. Then we decided to try the liquid Melatonin --- his body has an easier time absorbing that. I have to say that nothing so far has been a total cure-all.

However, he does sleep a few hours as opposed to watching tv all night long.

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