Mom is coming out of the hospital and I need help.

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Mom will be released from the hospital soon and I will need help with her medication etc.. She was in ICU and has several issues. Mom is 83 and in poor condition.


Talk with the social worker that is assigned to your mother's case at the hospital. They are there to help with issues such as this.
If she is bad off as you say, they may suggest an NH. If you are not wanting to place her there, there is the option of home care, or hospice depending on how bad her condition is and her life expectancy.
Hi! I just wondered how she could be discharged directly from the ICU. I've never heard of that in my experience. I would concur with Mamoogins about working with the social worker. I'm wondering if insurance would cover in-home nursing care if she needs it. I hope everything works out. Hugs to you and your family. :)
Yes, check with the social worker at the hospital. They can usually direct you the right way. My Mom was in the hospital with brain surgery and wasn't able to come directly home. So they took her from the hospital to the NH for rehabilitation. They did wonders with her and this was over 2 yrs ago. Best of luck to you. Hang in there.
Mother had to go from ICU to intermediate care before release. They sometimes release to long-term care for rehab. Never heard of ICU release. The social work should talk to you about options and if inhome services needed a provider will be recommended and they will have everything your Mom needs at home before she gets there (oxygen, walker, potty chair, etc)

Best wishes and God bless!
I had this same concern after my mother was hospitalized for 7 days. She lives with my family, however, she had no strenghth left to care for herself. I spoke to the doctor, and her doctor wrote a script for home healthcare, including physical therapy, nutrition, personal care, and nursing care. The traveling nurse came once a week and oversaw the other disciplines. The physical therapy was the most important, and assisted her back to normal activity. Medicare covered most if the expense. Physical therapy lasted 8 weeks.

If your mother is going home alone, look into nursing home care first. If you are adament about having her in her home, then talk to the doctor and insist on home care.
The hospital cannot make you take her home if you feel she is not ready. They must find her placement. Talk to the social worker, do not let them bully you. It is their job to get the patient out of the hospital so of course they would like to send her home. Use these words - "I do not think my Mother would be safe in my home at this time, her risk for falling is just too high, she needs additional care." Good luck.
Thanks for the info. Every time Mom goes into the hospital for a "recharge" or a bout with pneumonia, her doctor always tries to send her home too early and the only way I can get her admitted is through the ER. He always said, well these numbers have to be so, so or a certain amount in order for insurance and medicare to kick in or if we put her in it can only be for observation for 2 or 3 days. Last time she was in for observation, she was there for 5 days because she was sicker than he thought, but he still sent her home after 5 days. From now on, I will speak up and say that I do not think she is able to be at home. She lives with us, but still she was not able to be released, or that is what we thought. Thanks for the advice and information.
If your mother is too weak for home care (visiting nurse, PT, OT etc) ask if she can go to a rehab for a month or so. Normally medicare will cover these costs. If you can manage her at home with a home health aide in addition to the visiting nurse, PT and OT that may even be better than the rehab. Of course the home health aide is not paid by medicare if needed for a complete shift normally. However, most elderly prefer it.
Something to remember, Medicare will NOT pay for rehab in a rehab center or NH if the patient was in the hospital only 'under observation'. They will only pay after a 3-day or more hospital 'admission'. It's getting harder and harder to get a patient admitted as guidelines are stringent, so frustrating for all involved.
So true. Here is a little inside information from someone who worked many years at a hospital. Once you are admitted they cannot kick you out until you are "stable." The trick is knowing what "stable" means because it can change from year to year depending on insurance reimbursement. If your loved one is confused and a high fall risk they are not stable. Many times they may need additional care in a nursing home or rehab facility. The fact is the family members have to be advocates for their loved ones care. The hospital is going to look for the quickest way to get them out but once they are admitted they must DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE PATIENT. That is where the social worker comes in because they usually arrange for placement. Many times they are not very nice people - they have seen it all, blah blah blah....but they still must do their job and you must demand that they do it.

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