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My mother is caring for my father who has not been very nice to her and they divorced years ago. She moved back with him due to financial reasons. She is very depressed and tries very hard to be happy but she tells me she is giving up. What should I do? I want to place him in a home. He is a veteran. Will my mom be able to still live in the house? or can we sell it to help her? Thank you for any help.

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Since they are no longer legally married, she won't likely be able to claim the house, but each state is different. The first step seems to be to look into a Veterans home, and then find out what is next.

An estate attorney would be very helpful for you here. Hopefully, you can get a Power Of Attorney to take care of your dad's affairs. This may also make it possible for you to help your mom. You do need legal advice and the right documents to go forward. Check with your State Bar Association is you want references.

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