Mom is on her final journey.

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Her eyes are pretty much set and she is not responding to anyone. Her feet and hands are beginning to mottle. She has not eaten since Monday. She only is able to take liquid by a mouth sponge and very little at that.

Dementia took her a long time ago & this recent stroke did the rest of the damage.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as she transitions into her new home. She will be reuniting with my Dad, who left this past March.....that is all that is getting me thru this.


Sending Angels to guide you. Yes, you are very close, just hours, like my daughter was. Lisa's girlfriends laid on either side of her and shared stories and laughed and cried and stayed with her to the end. Their presence and closeness seemed to calm her. God Bless.
Thank you Pam. I know the grief of losing a parent and I cannot even begin to imagine the pain of losing a child. Pam, you amaze me with your strength. I hope I might follow your lead.
Callie, my thoughts are with you in this very difficult time.
Callie, I am thinking of you during this very difficult time...Keeping you and your precious Mom in my heart and prayers....
Wishing you and your mom a peaceful passing into the new life that is ahead for both of you. Both are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you strength...
Praying for your comfort and peace for your mom. She hears you so let her know how much you love her and cherish every moment that you have. Hugs to you
Sorry I didn't get to know you earlier but am sending positive thoughts and big hugs to guide you through this journey.
its all a somber reality . mom cant go on living in a diseased and vegetive state .
i agree with speaking to her and thanking her for all shes taught you . my mother died on aug 1 last year and i believe she heard my message , tho she was out on comfort meds ..
to this day i consider what her opinion would be of every decision i make . she was just mad enough to be a living genius .. a rarity in this dumbassed world where 50 % of the population are hovering at an iq of 50 .. not a typo ..

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